Metallic Autumn Eyes with Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon & Spicy True Color Eye Shadows

Autumn is here and more jewel-toned metallic looks are back! Today I’m reviewing Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon and Spicy True Color Eye Shadows for you and sharing a quick metallic eye look!

I won Spicy from Emilie‘s giveaway a while ago. Despite the fact that the quality of this eyeshadow is amazing, back in summer it was too warm for my skin tone and I forgot about it for a while. It was not until I finally caved in and purchased Chameleon (an antique gold, hello) that I took it out again.

Le Metier de Beaute True Color Eye Shadows come in black rubberized packaging with a mirror on the cap. Each eyeshadow contains a whopping 3.8 grams (0.13oz), which is more than twice the amount of most eyeshadows on the market. The packaging is simple and sleek, though you do have to flip it over to see the name on the label to be able to tell which shade is which.

Chameleon is an antique gold. I own many antique golds, but this is probably the only one that doesn’t pull slightly green. It has a beautiful sheen when used dry, and it looks like liquid metal when it’s used wet!

Spicy is a warm bronze with quite a metallic sheen. Both eyeshadows have fantastic textures and color payoff, but if I have to compare Spicy beats Chameleon hands down. It really is positively creamy, and it deposits an insane amount of color with one swipe!

Here is the swatch. Top: Chameleon, Bottom: Spicy

Like most high-quality eyeshadows, these can be used dry or wet. I am more than satisfied with how they perform dry, but when used wet they reach a different level! Not only are the colors even more vibrant and pigmented, even without a primer they stay intact on my lids for 8 hours or more. That’s something usually only cream shadows can achieve! Even cream shadows would oxidize a little on my lids with no primer after 8 hours, but not these. I was extremely impressed!

None of the eyeshadows exhibit any fallout to be spoken of during the application process, and they do stay put better than most other eyeshadows I have tried. The shades go on smooth, pigmented, and they blend incredibly easily. Quality-wise they are very impressive!

For the look, I used Chameleon wet for the inner two thirds of my lids, and Spicy on the outer third. Since the metallic finish really is the focal point of this look, I kept my eyeliner relatively thin and not so winged-out. Also, I have to officially apologize to Dior Incognito Addict Extreme Lipstick. I used to think it washes me out, but it was really because I was not pairing it right! Most of my go-to “my lips but better” or nude shades failed for this look because they are shimmery or just too much, so in my desperation I pulled Incognito out: it worked!

Bottom line: Even with the amount of eyeshadow you get in the pan, Le Metier de Beaute True Color Eye Shadows are really a bit of an investment at 30 dollars a pop. However, they do perform even better than some of my best eyeshadows, so I have to recommend them. If you find a compelling shade, you should try it and see how great the quality is for yourself!

Have you tried Le Metier de Beaute True Color Eye Shadows or anything from the brand? If so, what do you own and what is your experience? Does either Chameleon or Spicy appeal to you?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

12 responses

  1. ah LMDB! I only have their kaleidoscope blush. I want to try their eyeshadow so bad! Btw the pigmentation and the staying power sounds awesome! Do you know whether the quality of LMDB eyeshadow (kaleidoscope) and single is different?

    • Hey girly, I don’t own any kaleidoscopes yet so I can’t say for sure. I don’t think they’d be different though. From the swatches I’ve seen online they look just as amazing!

  2. the colors look amazing on you and i love your lippie choice!
    i’ve been hearing about this brand a lot lately. le metier de beaute and rouge bunny rouge are on top of my “to experience” list. 🙂

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