News! Bdellium Tools February’s La Beauté of the Month!!!

*Squeals squeals squeals*

Sorry for being so unprofessional, but guess what happened last night?

Yours truly has been selected as Bdellium Tools February’s La Beauté of the Month!!!

It’s such a huge honor, and I have to show you this badge they made for Mostly Sunny:

Here is the link to their blog post. It’s funny to see my pictures and quotes up there, and I’m trying not to giggle like a little girl/blush!

For the prize, I picked the brush on top of my wish list, namely the 760 Liner/Brow Brush. The amazing Bdellium team has already sent me an e-mail with the tracking number of the parcel. Can you believe how passionate this company is??? If you start seeing me sporting crispier liner, this must be the secret tip (though of course I will share what I think about it with you guys)!

I’d like to thank you guys for all the support you’ve been giving me. It is the driving force behind this blog, and I will go on working hard!

Sunny xx

Review: Bdellium Tools Maestro Series 934, 953, & 965. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

Hey everyone! Even though Valentine’s Day is a couple of days behind us, it is never too late to properly acknowledge what we love in life and give it some credit. Therefore, I’m bringing you a lengthy but hopefully helpful review of Bdellium Tools brushes!

I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I cannot help but repeat how important it is to have good brushes. They fulfill the potential of your favorite products, do detailed work that cannot be done otherwise, and are a lot more pleasant to use than any applicators that might come with the products. The only problem? They are an investment, and the price tags could sometimes be too hefty to swallow. I pined for duo-fiber brushes for a while because I knew it would work with foundation, highlighting, and soft blushes like Tarte ones. However, I had to put it off because of the price, until I discovered Bdellium Tools.

Bdellium Tools is a California-based company that makes professional antibacterial and eco-friendly makeup brushes at an affordable price. The company makes 5 lines of products, including the Maestro Series, Studio Line, Travel Line, Green Bambu, and Yellow Bambu. The two Bambu lines are made with synthetic bristles, so they are 100% cruelty-free. The other three are a mix of natural and synthetic bristles and treated with an anti-bacterial agent. The travel line features the same brushes with the studio line, only smaller and therefore easier to travel with. The major differences between the maestro series and studio line include the color of the handle (black versus yellow) and material used for the ferrule (nickel-plated brass versus anodized aluminum). Since the price difference is minimal, I opted for the maestro line whose ferrules are supposed to be more shiny, durable, and stronger.

Let’s start with 934, the precision concealer.

934 is made of synthetic fibers. It is supposed to be “perfect for small-area touchups & good for blending undereye (this comes straight from the back of the packaging. The English teacher in me is freaking out a little over the use of lowercase letters, but let’s not be too picky lol).” When I first tapped the brush on the back of my hand, I wasn’t so sure it would work very well. The bristles have a good yield, but they felt a bit too long for enough control. Once I tried it on my face however, all the doubts dispersed. It is indeed a great concealer brush. I have tried to cover my dark circles with cream-based products and spots with a drier formula. Both worked beautifully. I don’t get brush strokes with this at all. You can do one thin layer as well as more depending on what you’re trying to conceal. When I use concealers on top of foundation, I don’t want to disturb the foundation too much. This is when a nimble concealer brush comes in handy!

953, the duet fiber foundation brush, is the secret of the perfect foundation universe. It is touted to be able to create “very smooth textures on skin.” It can be used with both liquid and cream foundations. I used to apply foundation with my fingers. This apparently works OK with certain foundations, but you will end up with a thicker layer. With 953, I need only one pump of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for my entire face. I even have some to spare for my undereye area where more coverage is needed. When I first saw this brush I was again a little skeptical, because the brush head is quite small (if you go to the picture in which I’m holding it in my hand you will see what I mean). I thought it would take forever to do my foundation with such a small brush but no, that didn’t happen. I pump foundation on the back of my left hand (I’m right-handed), dab the brush gently in it, and start working from the center of my face. Because of the delicate brush head, it covers all the nooks and crannies effectively. What’s more, it buffs foundation in efficiently. You can easily avoid brush strokes by not getting too much foundation on the brush in one go (dab the brush gently in foundation once to begin with and see how it goes) and not going to the undereye area when there is still a lot of foundation on your brush.

Cleaning this brush is slightly tricky, but not trickier than cleaning face brushes in general. I do have to swirl it around with some brush cleaner in my palm for a while, and run water through it until I can’t see any suds when I squeeze it dry, but it is certainly not impossible to clean. I also like to dry it with the brush guard. The first time I dried it without, a couple of strands of black hair looked a little frayed. With the brush guard however, the brush keeps its shape. Also, the first couple of times I washed it, the water ran a tiny little bit gray. However, that was only a tiny bit when I was squeezing the excess of water out, so I don’t consider it a problem. It has shed maybe a hair or two so far, and I hope that’s that!

965, the duet fiber blusher brush, is yet another amazing one! It is “ideal for flawless lightweight blusher application or highlighting,” and it fulfills that promise. I find this brush excellent for soft powdery blushes, like my Tarte ones. With a traditional blush brush, too much product is kicked loose and I end up wasting some that way. This one, on the other hand, grabs product without kicking too much loose. I have to build up a little more, but it is also a lot easier to blend everything out and get it even with this brush. Also, you don’t risk putting way too much in one go, however pigmented your blush is. The tip, as you can see in the picture, is pretty fine. I can finally use my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick to highlight the top of my cheekbones properly now that I’ve got this in my arsenal! This one is easy to clean and hasn’t shed/lost color on me at all! Though to give 953 some (more) credit, it is because 965 is not used with liquid products.

All in all, I highly recommend Bdellium brushes. They are of good quality, and you simply can’t beat the price for what you get! For those who live in Europe, you can get Bdellium products from Cocktail Cosmetics and Boozyshop. I really appreciate a company which is willing to go past geographic borders to reach out to as many customers as possible! I bought mine from Cocktail Cosmetics, because at that moment it was the one who had 953 in stock. My order arrived lightening fast so that was nice!

Next on my Bdellium wish list is their 760 liner/brow brush. Jessica from Beautezine raves on and on about this one, and after watching her demo I was completely sold (also, if you guys would kindly allow me to go off on a tangent, she has the cutest way of saying “out!”)!

Have you heard of Bdellium Tools? Do you think you’ll check their brushes out? What are some of your favorite brushes that don’t break the bank?

Sunny xx

Review: Find Your Brushes a Nice and Comfy Home with Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! We’re almost there and I hope your week has been kind to you 🙂 Today I’m going to share how I store my brushes with the new Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch. If you’re interested in knowing how to store your brushes without damaging them, please read on!

How do you store your brushes, or makeup items in general? At the moment, my stash is located in a drawer in my bedroom. Since it is not too out-of-control yet (the keyword here is yet), I am OK with the way things are. The drawer is safe (read: out of reach for the whiskered inhabitants), dark, and cool. I don’t have to worry about damaging anything… maybe except for my brushes.

I know a lot of people store their brushes in a can on their vanity. Since the drawer is not tall enough for a can, I have always stored my brushes in a pencil pouch that I have from years ago. That worked just fine when I only had eye brushes. With face brushes joining the team, that pouch is getting too small, too short, and not offering adequate protection for the bigger brushes. My Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush was always risking splaying when it was squeezed into the pouch. In short, it was time for an upgrade. Since I was ordering some Bdellium brushes, I thought I might as well get the roll-up brush pouch (brush reviews will be up soon. I want to test them out thoroughly so that I can review them fairly)!

Bdellium Tools is a California-based company that makes budget-friendly quality brushes. I read about this brand on Beautezine. Jessica was so hyped about some of their brushes that I decided to look into it. The best part? Bdellium is easily available for those who live in Europe too! You can find Bdellium products from Boozyshop (based in the Netherlands) and Cocktail Cosmetics (based in the UK).

I will go into more details when I introduce their brushes, but let’s take a look at the pouch now shall we?

The Studio Roll-Up Pouch looks very professional with the black leatherette exterior. It is closed with a Velcro strap. In the first picture, you can roughly see how big it is compared to my hand. It is about the size of a clutch. Once you unroll, you see a flap, and the interior is army green. The flap offers brushes extra protection when the pouch is rolled-up, so that they don’t all rub against each other! When you pull the flap up, you will see 20 brush pockets, with the larger ones on the left and smaller ones on the right. You can probably store more than 20 brushes in it though, since more than one small brush can fit in a smaller pocket. There are also 4 side pockets which can hold loose items. I currently put my brush guards in them (I will review these too, but I need some more time to experiment with them).

Here is a demo with my own brushes:

Finally, no splaying or squeezing, and every brush has a nice and cozy pocket to go back to (this is my OCD talking haha)! This is much easier than rummaging for brushes in the pencil pouch I used to use, because I see very clearly which brush is where. I can roll up the pouch to store the brushes in the drawer with the rest of my makeup, and it will be excellent to travel with!

For around 17 euros, I consider this a worthy investment. If you have invested in brushes, you might as well protect them as well as you can. Bdellium also offers brush sets that come with a brush pouch. If you’re also looking for brushes, they might be even better value for money!

Bottom line: I would recommend the Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch for brush storage and traveling. It is practical, convenient, and user-friendly!

How about you? How do you store your brushes? Do you also have some kind of brush pouch?

Sunny xx