Review: Find Your Brushes a Nice and Comfy Home with Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! We’re almost there and I hope your week has been kind to you 🙂 Today I’m going to share how I store my brushes with the new Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch. If you’re interested in knowing how to store your brushes without damaging them, please read on!

How do you store your brushes, or makeup items in general? At the moment, my stash is located in a drawer in my bedroom. Since it is not too out-of-control yet (the keyword here is yet), I am OK with the way things are. The drawer is safe (read: out of reach for the whiskered inhabitants), dark, and cool. I don’t have to worry about damaging anything… maybe except for my brushes.

I know a lot of people store their brushes in a can on their vanity. Since the drawer is not tall enough for a can, I have always stored my brushes in a pencil pouch that I have from years ago. That worked just fine when I only had eye brushes. With face brushes joining the team, that pouch is getting too small, too short, and not offering adequate protection for the bigger brushes. My Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush was always risking splaying when it was squeezed into the pouch. In short, it was time for an upgrade. Since I was ordering some Bdellium brushes, I thought I might as well get the roll-up brush pouch (brush reviews will be up soon. I want to test them out thoroughly so that I can review them fairly)!

Bdellium Tools is a California-based company that makes budget-friendly quality brushes. I read about this brand on Beautezine. Jessica was so hyped about some of their brushes that I decided to look into it. The best part? Bdellium is easily available for those who live in Europe too! You can find Bdellium products from Boozyshop (based in the Netherlands) and Cocktail Cosmetics (based in the UK).

I will go into more details when I introduce their brushes, but let’s take a look at the pouch now shall we?

The Studio Roll-Up Pouch looks very professional with the black leatherette exterior. It is closed with a Velcro strap. In the first picture, you can roughly see how big it is compared to my hand. It is about the size of a clutch. Once you unroll, you see a flap, and the interior is army green. The flap offers brushes extra protection when the pouch is rolled-up, so that they don’t all rub against each other! When you pull the flap up, you will see 20 brush pockets, with the larger ones on the left and smaller ones on the right. You can probably store more than 20 brushes in it though, since more than one small brush can fit in a smaller pocket. There are also 4 side pockets which can hold loose items. I currently put my brush guards in them (I will review these too, but I need some more time to experiment with them).

Here is a demo with my own brushes:

Finally, no splaying or squeezing, and every brush has a nice and cozy pocket to go back to (this is my OCD talking haha)! This is much easier than rummaging for brushes in the pencil pouch I used to use, because I see very clearly which brush is where. I can roll up the pouch to store the brushes in the drawer with the rest of my makeup, and it will be excellent to travel with!

For around 17 euros, I consider this a worthy investment. If you have invested in brushes, you might as well protect them as well as you can. Bdellium also offers brush sets that come with a brush pouch. If you’re also looking for brushes, they might be even better value for money!

Bottom line: I would recommend the Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch for brush storage and traveling. It is practical, convenient, and user-friendly!

How about you? How do you store your brushes? Do you also have some kind of brush pouch?

Sunny xx