Have You Given Your Skin Some Real Love with Aesop? Geranium Leaf Body Balm & Rosehip Seed Lip Cream Review

I might have mentioned that “organic” or “all-natural” skincare brands are a bit of hit or miss with me. Today I’m showing you a brand that is a big hit, Aesop. I got to know Aesop years ago with Animals (pet shampoo. Tango has needed some baths in his life, but much to his relief the bottle a) is at its end and b) now mostly serves as my brush detergent) and a face cream, but then the brand was promptly forgotten until I rediscovered it some months ago. After having spent some time with the Geranium Leaf Body Balm and Rosehip Seed Oil Lip Cream, I am ready to share my thoughts with you!

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5 Beach Essentials to Get You Sexy Summer Hair & Healthy Skin + The Mysterious Postcards from Saint-Tropez!

Hey everyone!

Wheee it’s Friday! I hope trooping through this week wasn’t that tough, and that you’re looking forward to the weekend. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do at all! After the wedding last weekend, I really think I could chill out a bit this one!

I know that the weather has been largely unstable in Belgium, and it’s not the perfect weather to start talking about summer hair and sun protection. However, some of you are probably going on holiday somewhere sunny soon, so today we’re going to look at 5 products that will get you ready for summer!

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What’s the Intoxicating Smell? L’Occitane Almond Travel Set Review & Mostly Sunny Featured on Temptalia + Makeupandbeautyblog!!!

Every time when I walk past a L’Occitane store, I feel the impulse to stroll in. Not that I always need or even want something of course. A lot of the times I come out empty-handed, but still, even when I know nothing new is going on, I love to enter and just sniff at everything I see. I might not have a very keen sense of smell (years of allergies made sure of that), but I can tell natural smells from artificial ones from miles away. Some stores make me sneeze, but L’Occitane is always so soothing.

Then of course, sometimes when I see a set of travel-sized products, I feel the need to seize the opportunity. I had not previously purchased anything from their almond line, but I have had many Almond Milk Concentrate samples from my other purchases, and I can’t get enough of the beautiful smell. On top of that, I love travel-sized products. They are the mini versions of the real things, and I can always fool myself that they’re cheaper (though unless you happen to find a set like this, most of the time travel-sized bottles aren’t cheaper than the full-sized ones).

The set contains the Almond Shower Oil, Almond Milk Concentrate, Delicious Almond Soap, and Almond Sooth Hands. Let’s take a quick look at them separately shall we?

The Almond Shower Oil has an interesting texture between an oil and a gel. I have to admit I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but it really is a very pleasant addition to the shower routine. It mousses up a little, not a lot but just enough, and it feels very luxurious and soothing on my skin. Once rinsed off, it leaves no greasy residue at all, just soft and satiny skin. Needless to say, it doesn’t dry my skin out either. The smell is gorgeously sweet and beautiful. It is something I am more than willing to purchase full-size (once I go through the 1357 bottles of shower gel I have in stock at the moment)!

The Almond Milk Concentrate smells equally gorgeous. The texture is very airy and light, leaves no greasy residue, but moisturizes the skin pretty well. I wouldn’t say it’s moisturizing enough for very dry skin, and I might need something more in winter, but particularly during the warmer months I’d really enjoy the feathery light texture! This is also something I would love to purchase in a full-size jar.

The Delicious Almond Soap is the only flop in the set for me. I never use soap on myself, and a soap that has crushed almond shell to exfoliate is probably a particularly bad idea. Just to prove my point however, I went ahead and took a shower with it. I ended up with pretty dry skin that screamed for lotion! The crushed almond shell is actually fine enough. It is not painfully rough or anything, but I think the exfoliating factor combined with soap is a little too much for my skin. People who have oilier skin might appreciate this, but if your skin is normal to dry or sensitive, I would advise you steer clear. The 50-gram bar I got from the set is already the full-size product.

Last but not least, there is Almond Sooth Hands. It is the only one out of the four that smells like almond tree flowers. It’s beautiful and delicate! It has a gel texture, and is very easily absorbed with no greasy residue. It hydrates well, but if your hands are pretty dry, you might have to reapply more often. I like to carry this tube in my bag for some quick hydration, but before I go to sleep I prefer something heavier. The tube only comes in one oz/30ml.

All in all I’m pretty happy I purchased this set. I love the smell and how 3 out of 4 products work, and I plan to purchase the full-size bottles of Almond Shower Oil and Almond Milk Concentrate later!

Do you like L’Occitane? What have you tried and liked? Have you tried anything from the almond line?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: Yesterday was a GREAT day for Mostly Sunny, because it was featured on Makeupandbeautyblog and Temptalia! Karen included my Dior Croisette post in her Weekly Roundup, and Christine from Temptalia featured my challenge entry in her spring flowers-inspired looks. I’m including another picture of the same look here:

I definitely did some happy dance around the house! Feel free to check the links out 🙂 And oh, the giveaways will go live tomorrow, so STAY TUNED!!!

Skincare Review: Eucerin Body Lotions (Saved My Skin)

Hey everybody, I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to take on the week! We have been having a mild winter in Belgium, but the temperature has dropped rather significantly since yesterday, and now we’re looking at a week of -6 Celsius (around 20 degrees Fahrenheit) weather. That’s why I thought there’s no better timing to review and recommend Eucerin lotions!

When I first came to Belgium a little more than 3 years ago, I found it appalling how people didn’t shower rigorously on a daily basis. Coming from a subtropical country where a shower or two are required, the idea of not scrubbing the heck out of my skin with a shower lily every day seemed flat-out unhygienic and repulsive. Therefore, I went on with my daily routine until one day, in the middle of the winter, my skin started itching horribly.

If you have never experienced itchy skin in winter, you probably wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. Let me put it this way: imagine having a million ants crawling on your skin all the time, particularly on your legs. Of course social etiquette dictates that you don’t scratch your legs in public, but when you do get to scratch your skin breaks so easily that you can’t go on anyways. It was bad. It was so urgent that I ran to L’Occitane, paid for the most nourishing cream they had, only to have the situation stay the same. Don’t get me wrong. Most L’Occitane products work very well, and I am personally a fan of the brand. It’s just that it didn’t work out so well that one time.

Finally, one day I had the good sense to go into a pharmacy for help. The pharmacist recommended Eucerin PH5 Body Lotion, and that was the end of my misery and beginning of my loyalty to Eucerin body lotions!

Eucerin PH5 Body Lotion was what saved my skin back at the time. It promises to “reinforce skin’s natural defense” and “penetrate rapidly to durably reestablish the skin’s natural reserve of hydration (this is my own translation, so bear with me if it is not perfect).” The big bottle (400 ml) comes with a pump that works really well. It is easy to control how much/little product you want every time you pump. The texture is on the thick side, and it has a smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. It doesn’t smell like the plant-based smell that I’m usually into, but it is not overwhelming either. The smell also lingers for a little while on my skin, but not annoyingly obviously. Like all thicker lotions, it takes a little time and patience to work it into the skin. It leaves a protective film behind, but it is not greasy. My skin looks happy and radiant after using this lotion, and most important of all, the itching completely stopped after the first use. I have tried other lotions after that, usually during warmer months when my skin is not as sensitive. However, every winter I get my bottle of PH5 Lotion just in case.

This year, when I went to the pharmacy to stock up on my supply, I saw a new one called AQUAporin Active. Being curious, I picked up the rich version (there is also a light one, but I wanted to be on the safe side). This lotion claims to bring “optimal, intense, and durable hydration to your skin,” and your skin should become “fresh, supple, soft, and radiant” as the result. Compared with the PH5 Body Lotion, this one has a much thinner texture though it is definitely not what you would call runny. It has a different smell. Again, not what I normally gravitate towards but it’s not unpleasant. The great thing about this one is it absorbs instantly into my skin. I can jump right into my clothes without worrying the lotion getting onto them, so that’s a big plus. I get enough miniaturization from this one, though I do have doubts about being able to say the same for extremely dry skin (like what I had 3 years ago). I still have to experiment with it in harsher weather (like the coming week), and I will report back to let you know if it resists!

A big bottle of Eucerin PH5 Body Lotion retails for around 19 euros, and AQUAporin Active retails for around 17. Like all truly effective products, a little goes a long way! Sometimes you can find a 20% off sticker on the bottle, so all in all I consider the price very reasonable! I know that Eucerin markets different lotions in the US, and I can’t vouch for those. Since I do have positive experience with this brand however, if you are at the end of the rope trying to find a lotion to get you through winter, I would still advise you take a look at Eucerin body lotions!

Bottom line: Highly recommended! Eucerin body lotions don’t have the fanciest packaging or scents, but if you want something truly effective to get you through winter, make them your best pals!

How about you? Do you have problems with dry skin in winter? How do you combat the problem? Have you tried anything Eucerin?

Stay tuned and stick around, folks!

Sunny xx