Raising Breast Cancer Awareness with Estee Lauder Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Lip Collection!

When you think about it from a guy’s point-of-view, I’m sure it’s just as hard for one to live with a female. Case in point: one morning at 820 the doorbell rang. I zoomed downstairs all bleary-eyed in my pajamas and took over a bag from the delivery man. Back upstairs, I opened it to find a brightly-colored box which holds a pink clutch, a pink lipstick, and a pink lip gloss. I oohed and aahed: “LOOK AT THIS, D! Isn’t this the cutest pink clutch you’ve ever seen? And a lipstick and a gloss! Look at it look at it!”

If Dr D’s eyes had not been closed, I’m sure he would have been rolling them way to the ceiling. His precious last moment in bed, and the girl has to ruin it with her silly pink stuff…

Oh wait, pink stuff is not silly, especially not in October because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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