Blurple is the Word: Estee Lauder Bête Noire Nail Lacquer Swatch, Comparison (& an Update on My Nails)

For fall 2012, Estee Lauder brings out two limited collections of nail polishes. The inspiration behind Beyond Black and Metal Mania is Paris by night. If you’re interested in how the shades came about, you can take a look at this clip. Apparently the purples are based on French pâtisserie. Out of the 10 limited edition shades, only the blurple Bête Noire will make it into the permanent line-up, and today I have the swatch/comparison for you!

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Swatch: China Glaze Let’s Groove and the Deserted Island Question

Hey everybody, how are you doing? I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to kick some ass this week! I decided to do a light-hearted post to help you de-stress a little, so here we go 🙂

A few days ago, China Glazed asked an interesting question on Twitter: You’re stranded on a deserted island. What China Glaze polish do you have with you and which male (or female) celebrity is stuck with you?

My answer? China Glaze Let’s Groove and Ryan Gosling. Just for clarification though, I want the Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, not the Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl or even Blue Valentine. Granted you can see easily that this dude CAN ACT with the latter two, if I am stranded on a deserted island I prefer to be with someone social (and fine, really hot and muscular) if you catch my drift…

But why am I talking about Ryan Gosling? Oh yeah, back to China Glaze Let’s Groove!

(I got the idea of “drip pictures” from Beautezine. Jessica takes the most amazing drip pictures! Despite the fact that mine looks very much “homemade,” I find it pretty wacky)

Let’s Groove is a deep purple that has violet and red shimmer. It came out in 2009 with the Retro Diva collection, and though I was a bit late to discover and finally lay my hands on this gem, I am happy it is mine!!! It is deep, but nowhere as deep as for example China Glaze Midnight Ride (which I have yet to show you). It is not a purple that can be mistaken to be black even in low lighting. Contrary to a lot of the pictures I have found on the Internet, it is not blue-based or even a violet. On me it is actually a red-based purple. When I was taking swatch pictures however, I realized that in natural lighting camera tends to pick up all the blue/violet there ever is in this polish. Lo and behold:

While in reality, this is what you see:

I actually debated for a while whether to get this or not, because I was afraid it might pull too cool on me. Luckily that’s not the case! All I get is a rich red-based purple with an insane amount of beautiful shimmer!

The formula is nice and smooth, very easy to work with. I personally don’t like the China Glaze brush too much. It is a little too long, thus a little harder to control. Also, the top of the cap isn’t flat, so it doesn’t stand on its own when you flip it over. I guess you wouldn’t really need to do that, but I clean the neck of the bottle with nail polish remover after each use just so that I will be able to screw the cap on as tightly as possible, preventing the polish from drying out. With China Glaze, I have to hold it between my knees when I do that. Otherwise I have nothing to complain about packaging. It’s pretty sturdy!

I can’t really comment on wear time at the moment. You see, I have very soft nails (this condition is hereditary). Especially now that it’s winter, my nails just peel and break. I have recently got back on a 3-month course of vitamin supplement, so normally they should improve in a month or so. However, in the meantime, ANY nail polish chips very easily on me because it does not adhere to broken nails. Please excuse the super short nails at the moment.

Now I’ve got Let’s Groove on, when am I going to be shipped to a deserted island with Ryan Gosling? Hmm…

Who would YOU pick to be shipped off to a deserted island with you?

PS: Does anyone have any tips for healthier nails? Has anyone tried any products that claim to give you healthy nails? Did it work? If anything worked for you I’d LOVE to hear about it!

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Sunny xx