Comparison Swatches: Dior Vernis Incognito/OPI Tickle my France-y, Dior Vernis Plaza/ONLY YOU Pink Kiss, Dior Vernis Riviera/ONLY YOU Acid Love

Hey everybody, happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying some down time and restoring energy!

I promised you to show you some comparison swatches of Dior Vernis and similar shades in my stash. Well, here they are! I’m sorry that two of the three shades I pulled out for comparison are only available in Belgium. However, this is just to give you an idea. With so many spring/summer collections coming out, I’m sure you can find something close enough if you don’t want to splurge out on Dior Vernis!

The first set is OPI Tickle My France-y and Dior Vernis Incognito (257). In the following swatches you can see Tickle My France-y on my index and ring fingers; Incognito on my middle and pinky.

These two are not dupes, but they are definitely in the same vein. Tickle My France-y doesn’t have the slightly transparent quality of Incognito, and it is browner.

Next, we have Dior Vernis Plaza with ICI PARIS XL ONLY YOU Pink Kiss.

Pink Kiss is super opaque, and it is more fuchsia with a stronger blue undertone. Also, if you look VERY closely under direct sunlight, you see a teeny bit of shimmer which Plaza doesn’t have. Plaza has more pink in it compared with Pink Kiss. In the following swatch pictures, I’m wearing Pink Kiss on my index and ring fingers, Plaza on my middle and pinky.

Now let’s move on to the crazy bright Dior Vernis Riviera and ONLY YOU Acid Love.

Again, I love both. While Riviera is flashier and much more of an opaque orange, Acid Love has a jelly-ish finish, and the coral becomes very pronounced in comparison.

The only one of the Dior Vernis I have nothing to compare with is Lucky. Again, I’m sorry that I’m comparing two of the Dior shades to Belgian exclusives, but this is just so you know you can highly possibly find something similar enough if you’re either into the refined Incognito or the hot and fun Plaza and Riviera!

That’s it for today! I hope you guys have had a great weekend. I’ve got very exciting things lining up here, so remember to stay tuned!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: The GRAND highlight of my day so far is that Karen from Makeupandbeautyblog features my FOTD in her Weekly Roundup! Also, if you love cats, remember to check out MBB’s Rent-A-Tabby service. It’s hilarious, and who doesn’t want to spend a few days with a handsome tabby in a costume!

Disclosure: Some of the products mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers

Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! It’s pretty cold but very sunny here, so I’m happily blogging in the sun! What are your plans? Do you have anything exciting coming up this weekend?

Today I’m going to share my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful with you. I swear these Blushes have some kind of addictive substance, because here is my third one…

Blissful is described as a “warm peach,” but on me it is also a bit coral and a bit pink. I suspect this color will show up rather differently on different people, though I’ll have to say it looks pretty good from all the swatch pictures I’ve seen. It is matte, which makes it perfect for every day. Especially if you want to add a highlighter or even a shimmery bronzer afterwards, a matte blush is the foolproof choice. Like the other matte one I own (Exposed), it doesn’t just lie flat on your cheeks because it’s matte. Instead, it gives this glow that can’t be mistaken to be shine.

The texture is very fine, but not as soft and powdery as Peaceful and Exposed are. The good thing is it’s harder to kick so much product loose with the brush, but at the same time it takes a little building up. I am personally fine with it. Between a blush that is so insanely pigmented and one that I can build up, I prefer one that I can build up. Believe me, building blush up is easier than having to tone it down once you have overdosed on it! I have recently switched to a duo-fiber blush brush (Bdellium 965, which will be reviewed shortly), and of course this could be the thing that makes the difference. However, even when I was swatching with my finger, I had the idea that the blush is a bit more solid.

Now onto the swatch:

Here is the comparison between Blissful and Peaceful, another “peachy” blush:

As you can see, they are significantly different. If you already own Peaceful, don’t worry because Blissful is not even close to being similar!

Here is how it looks on my face. I tried my best to take a picture that will give you an idea how it looks, but it is very hard to capture blushes with a camera so bear with me (I wore Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick on the top of my cheekbones, so that’s where the shimmer comes from):

This lasts better on me than Exposed (Exposed is exactly the color of my cheeks, so I don’t see very well when it fades/disappears), but the 12-hour claim Tarte makes still falls short a little. All Tarte blushes fade on me towards the end of the day, though they don’t really disappear. They don’t oxidize or change color on me either, which is a big plus!

Now that I have accumulated a bit more experience with Tarte blushes, I can say that their fortes lie in strong pigmentation, fine texture, and a good range of shade selection especially when it comes to matte blushes. I have the impression that a good matte blush is harder to come by nowadays, so if you’re looking for one like that, remember to give Tarte a chance!

What do you think? Have you tried Tarte any blushes? What are your favorite blushes?

Sunny xx

Swatch & Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden + Comparison with the Original Primer Potion

Hello everybody! Aren’t you happy it’s Wednesday? Before you know it, the week is already halfway through! I hope your week has been a breeze!

I received a sample of Primer Potion in Eden with an Urban Decay order quite a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to try it out. I finally did the other day when I was wearing glasses (if you read on you’ll know why it turned out to be a lucky decision), so I’m going to share my experience as well as some swatches. I’m also including comparison swatches with the original Primer Potion so you can see how they are different.

As you can see in the swatch photo (a heavy swatch on the left and sheered out on the right), Eden is yellowish. It is almost the color you would expect from a foundation. For my NC30 skin, even when it is sheered out, it is visibly lighter than my skin tone. I personally use eyeshadow primers on my lids, all the way to my brow bones, in my inner corners, and on my lower lash line. With Eden, it is pretty obvious that the skin around my eyes is lighter than the rest of my face, and it doesn’t look natural at all. It was a lucky coincidence that I decided to wear my glasses that day. My glasses are photochromic (they become darker in the sun), so they normally have a slight gray tint and tend to make my eye area a little darker, which Eden balanced out. I would not have gone out of the door with Eden on my eyelids otherwise.

The texture of Eden is pretty thick, and it takes some effort to smooth it out. I also found the texture a bit dry, and it could look cakey if you are not careful. The back of the sample claims Eden can “replace your brow bone highlighter entirely”, but there is a difference between a lighter skin tone and the glow that I want from a brow bone highlighter. Unfortunately Eden doesn’t belong to the latter. It also claims to provide “matte, neutral-hued coverage” when worn alone. While it functions as a concealer, I find the color ashen, dull, and doesn’t match my skin tone. I am also not a fan of having to rub it so hard because the texture is dry. On top of that, the mascara on my lower lashes smudged after several hours, and that was disappointing.

In terms of a primer, I find the performance equal to the original. I only tried it once and not over very long hours, but from my experience my eyeshadows didn’t crease.

In this photo, you can see the comparison between Eden (on the left) and Original (on the right). I swatched Buck, Half Baked, Sin, and Naked from the Naked Palette for demonstration. I would say that Eden makes eyeshadows more intense, especially the matte ones. However, it also somehow changes the colors a little. I experienced that with Sin, which takes on a grayish tinge over Eden, and I wasn’t particularly keen on that.

Bottom line: If you normally use a base (say MAC Soft Ochre), you might find a replacement in Eden. However, for the majority of us, Eden is not going to suit our skin tone to a T. If you are looking for something that you can use all over your eyes, Eden might not be your thing. Also, texture-wise I find Eden a flop. Nobody should have to tug on their delicate eye area just to smooth a primer out!

What do you think? What is your favorite eyeshadow primer/base? Have you tried any of the Urban Decay primers? Which is your favorite?

Sunny xx

Swatch, Review, & Comparison: L’Oreal HiP Metallic Shadow Duos in 106 Sculpted, 306 Gunmetal, 806 Gilded

After my good experience with L’Oreal Electrified, I felt the need to lay my greedy little hands on more of these HiP Metallic Shadow Duos. Since they are unavailable in Belgium (why, L’Oreal, why? Why can’t you love thy neighbor?), I turned to Makeupalley swap. I found this wishlist-only swapper who had something on her wishlist that I could part with, so I messaged her. It turned out that she actually put the wrong item on her wishlist, but decided to send the duos for me as a random act of kindness. I was such a sweet surprise that I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore!

Therefore, before I begin to show you the review and swatches, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Sarah. According to her, her top three hobbies are makeup, knitting, and jewelry-making. She has two Etsy shops. One for knitting and spinning supplies, and the other for handmade jewelry. Now, I have poor hand-eye coordination and no patience, so knitting is really not my thing. However, I LOVE her jewelry especially because she pretty much only uses sterling silver. I have once bought something off Etsy because I find jewelry with bees and birds adorable. However, I couldn’t find anything that was made with sterling silver, so I had to compromise and get something that was not. I am very unfortunately allergic to anything that is not silver and gold, so I ended up wearing that pair of earrings only twice. Every time I tried, my ears would swell up painfully, and I couldn’t wear earrings for days afterwards. If you have the same problem, do check Sarah’s jewelry site out! I can feel that it is before long that I cave it to one piece or another!

Now, let’s move on to the most picture-heavy post of this blog so far, shall we? 😉

The lighter side of Sculpted (106) is a gorgeous shimmery plummy pink. I really like this color, and the texture/pigmentation perform pretty well. The dark side of this duo is a little tricky. It looks more purple/burgundy in pan, but from the swatch you can see it is almost black. It definitely leans warmer though, and the pink and purple glitter in it makes it more fun! I haven’t tested it out on my eyes so I can’t tell you for sure if there is fallout. However, I don’t have the impression that it is going to be the case from doing the swatches (or rather even if there is going to be fallout, it is not going to be dramatically bad). I do have to mention that this shade is slightly stiffer and the color pay-off is not as amazing as its lighter neighbor though. As this post goes on you will see this is consistent for all the HiP duos that I own. You can build it up rather easily, but it is a little more effort.

The closest colors I own to these two shades are Urban Decay Toasted and the left-column definer shade of Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone, so I did a little comparison here:

As you can see, Toasted is FAR from the lighter shade, as it is not nearly as plummy. The definer shade of Comfort Zone is browner and warmer than the darker shade and less glittery.

Next on our list is 306 Gunmetal:

It is perhaps a little weird to name a green duo “Gunmetal (306),” but after swatching both shades, I can see that they have a grayish, smoked-out quality about them. The lighter side is a grayish olive green with a nice sheen. The darker side looks like an intense glittery forest green in pan. However, once swatched, the vibrancy of the green doesn’t transfer to skin. In my swatch picture you can see it is an extremely smoked-out green, though in person the glitter is much more impressive. Again, the texture is rather stiff, and it takes work to build it up. I know that the major complaint about this duo is that it looks very different in pan, and I have to agree with that. If you purchase the duo without having seen some swatches, you are likely to get something that is far from what you expected. With that said however, I personally like the colors (they’re green!) and I would like to see how they perform on lid!

I did a little comparison lining up all my greens next to the lighter shade (MAC Humid, MAC Sumptuous Olive, Urban Decay Mildew), and the right-column crease shade of Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone next to the darker one:

I would say the lighter shade of Gunmetal is a blackened cross between Humid and Mildew. Next to the right-column crease shade of Comfort Zone, you can see the grayish greenish quality of the darker shade better. Also, the Wet n’ Wild shade is not nearly as sparkly.

Finally, I have saved the best for last with 806 Gilded!

The lighter side of this duo is a wow. It is a metallic true gold. Despite the fact that these duos bear the word “metallic” in their names, not many shades come out as metallic as this one. The texture buttery soft, and color pay-off more than amazing. If you put a little more pressure on your finger, the shade almost “melts.” Yup, that’s how buttery it is! For me personally, just this side makes the duo “worth it.” The darker side is a little less “deceptive” in this case. It is a grayish black with gold glitter, and it is what you get on your skin. Again, the texture is pretty stiff, and you have to work a bit for it to show up nicely. Something else that worries me a little is that I can already tell there will be some fallout. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t too bad!

Again, I did a little comparison for you. I swatched Urban Decay Half Baked next to the lighter shade, and Urban Decay Creep next to the darker one.

Next to such a true gold like this, Half Baked looks surprisingly bronzy, almost orange! I love doing comparison swatches for you guys also because I learn so much from doing them. Half Baked is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows, and I have used it so many times that I thought I knew it very well. Next to this shade however, I have seen a different side of it! Creep is considerably cooler than the darker shade of Gilded, and the sparkly bits almost don’t come out next to its much more glittery counterpart.

Finally, I did a happy family reunion shot of all of my metallic duos! From left to right: Electrified, Sculpted, Gunmetal, and Gilded. This is the first time I used flash, because we really haven’t had a lot of natural light here, and I kept getting blurry pictures! I did make sure the colors are accurate though.

Bottom line: Despite the fact that I wouldn’t rave about the HiP Metallic Duos as a 10/10 product, some of them are definitely worth looking into. My personal recommendations are Electrified and Gilded, because the lighter shades of both are true to the word “metallic” in their names. Sculpted is nice to have especially if you like plummy pink. I can see how Gunmetal wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but from playing around with it myself, I can say it is more phenomenal in person than a lot of the swatch pictures you can find online. It would be good for a more understated green-themed smokey eye, especially if you have something else from the green family to add some pop!

Phew, that is one very dense post! I will definitely do FOTDs soon with these duos, especially with the upcoming holiday celebrations. Please stay tuned if you want to see how they do on lid! Don’t be shy if you have any questions regarding these duos!

So what do you think? Would you be picking any of them up? Do you like metallic shadows in general?

Stay tuned and stick around, folks!

Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Urban Decay Purple Haze (NOT the matte one)

Hey hey, guess what, I have one last purple eyeshadow from my collection to show you!

This one is Urban Decay’s Purple Haze. Urban Decay used to have a matte eyeshadow by the same name, but I think it’s being phased out. Coincidentally, MAC also has a shade called Purple Haze. It gets pretty confusing eh?

Urban Decay calls it a deep lilac with dark undertone, but on me Purple Haze is a midtone purple with multi-color shimmer (I see pink and gold). It has a slightly “grayish” edge to it which makes it more toned-down and easier to work with. This is also a purple that is not likely to make you look bruised because I don’t see red in it! Also, I don’t think it leans particularly warm or cool, so it should work on a variety of skintones. The texture and pigmentation is very typical of Urban Decay, so I am not disappointed!

Just because I was taking a bunch swatch pictures, I swatched MAC Satellite Dreams next to Purple Haze just for fun. As you can see, they look rather different in pan. However, on the back of my hand they are pretty similar!

I would say that Satellite Dreams is more violet and vibrant, while Purple Haze has more shimmery particles but is more muted/grayish. I wouldn’t call them dupes, but I am amazed by the similarities (please refer to my post of When They Call it a Dupe to see what I think about dupes)! I’m sure these two shades will look very different on a different skintone too!

Have you had enough of my purple mania, or do you want more? I am basically done with my stash of eyeshadows at this point, so most stuff you will be seeing from this point on is newly hauled 🙂

Stay warm and stick around!