Don’t Forget: Dior Summer Mix & Addict Hit the Shop Today!

Hey everyone!

Just a little reminder that the Dior Summer Mix and new Addict perfumes will be in store today! I have swatched/reviewed the Summer Mix Vernis here, Ultra-Glosses here, and Addict Eau Sensuelle here.

I am hitting ICI PARIS XL to check the new collections out as well as doing the bulk of my Friends & Family sale shopping. Thank all of you who have contributed your precious ideas! I will keep you posted about what I end up buying, and you will see the swatches and reviews here soon for sure!

A regular swatch/review post will be up this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Meet the New Member of the Dior Addict Line: Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle, Thy Name is Mauve

I have been a Miss Dior girl for several years now, but my first Dior perfume was actually Dior Addict 2 when I first came to Europe (that’s almost 4 years ago now *gulps*). I never explored too about perfumes in Taiwan, because the heat and humidity make most of them overwhelming. When I sniffed a friend’s Dior Addict 2 here however, I was so sure it was the one. It’s fresh, it’s young, it’s happy. By the time I was done with the bottle however, I had developed a “heavier” taste for perfumes and I moved on.

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