Mostly Sunny September/Early Autumn Favorites!

If you’ve been here for a while (in that case, I have nothing else to say but THANK YOU), you might remember that I was really not a lipstick girl. I thought I loved my eyeshadows too much to ever want to play my lips up and eyes down, but early autumn worked its magic and BANG, my recent favorites revolve around bold(er) lipsticks!

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One of the Things that Make Autumn Bearable: Guerlain Gisela Rouge G

I’m going to admit this: I’m not a fan of autumn, or at least not the kind of autumn we’ve been getting here. It seems like a sneaky season that always creeps up on me. One morning you wake up to a lot of rain and that unmistakable chill, and that’s the end of warm weather for quite a while. Makes me a bit weepy just thinking about it…

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I want to share some of the things make autumn a bit more bearable (or even fun!): the prospect of making wild mushroom soup, baking (pumpkin pie, carrot cake, banana walnut cake are some of the things that will be popping out of my oven soon), snuggly felines (my lap is constantly occupied with one of the fur kids if not both), and what else was I going to say? Oh yeah, meet Guerlain Gisela Rouge G!

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