Taipei Haul! Aesop, Becca, Cle de Peau, Dior, Dolly Wink…

(Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment, and sample sachets of Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum)

Hey everyone!

I’m back and I’ll soon be in the full swing! Today I’m showing you my haul (probably the biggest you will see to date) from Taipei! I will do my best to test these things out and review them ASAP!

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MAX Factor Flipstick Colour Effect Are Coming to Town! Part 2: 30 Gypsy Red, 40 Melody Brown, & Haul!

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend so far! Did you do anything exciting? I’ve been spending some time with friends this weekend, and it’s fantastic!

Today we’re going to continue on the MAX Factor Flipsticks (in case you missed the first part, it’s here). I am also including an overview and conclusion, so check it out!

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Long Time No See: Trip to the U.S. and Major HAUL!!!

Hello out there!

Sorry for the long silence! I actually went on a two-week trip to the U.S. and just got back two days ago. I never really mentioned this on the blog because all the way till the last minute I wasn’t sure if I would really make it. All the bureaucratic mayhem I had to go through both for the American AND the Belgian government was incredible. But anyways, I made it and now I’m back!

I principally went for a good friend’s (basically my adoptive sister) wedding in Tennessee, but before we (I went with her brother T, with whom I’d been living under the same roof for 3 years) got there we did a little trip in Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh. Of course I made an extensive shopping list before setting off, and from the picture above you can probably see how major the haul is!

I will put up my swatches and review ASAP. I went happy-go-lucky in drugstore eyeshadows because I thought I had too many high-end ones to justify paying for more of them. With that said however, I just found out Urban Decay is launching Naked2, and that’s got me thinking… maybe I want one for Christmas!

So bye for now and I promise to post a lot of posts in the near future!