Swatch & Review: KATE Gel Eyebrow in BR-3

Eek (and whee) it’s already Thursday! How is everybody doing?

If you have read my Bobbi Brown Sable story, you’ll know I have come a long way in terms of filling my brows. I said back then that I was debating whether I should review the KATE Gel Eyebrow because it is not so easily available in most countries. However, since I see this product popping up in my search engine terms from time to time, I thought I might as well share my experience.

I picked the darkest shade of BR-3 because it is recommended for people who have dark brown to black hair. Since my hair is not dyed, I thought this one would suit me better (however, I forgot to factor the fact that my hair is naturally quite a bit lighter than the average East Asian hair). I also bought the little brush that is sold separately, but it is so flimsy and small that it takes a while to fill in my brows with it.

The gel itself has a pretty hard texture. I have to dig my brush in the pot and scratch the surface a bit to get some product. You could also get little chunks that you have to smooth out. My major gripe with this product is the fact that the gel doesn’t seem to adhere to the gaps I have in my brows. For me personally, since I have very sparse eyebrows, I need a product that would cling onto all the gaps. This gel, sadly enough, doesn’t seem to do that. On top of that, it is easy to get way too much product on in one go, and afterwards it is very difficult to blend it out.

If you check my first FOTD (really not the most flattering lighting), you can see this gel in action. Compared with Bobbi Brown Sable, the color is a lot darker, and it doesn’t give the natural “fluffiness” that Sable can achieve. I used small feathery strokes with this eyebrow gel, but still my eyebrows looked rigid and drawn in.

Here is a comparison swatch of the eyebrow gel and Bobbi Brown Sable. As you can see, at least for my coloring Sable is a more sensible choice. You can also spot the chunk that would be hard to blend out once it gets on your brows.

Bottom line: Maybe I’m not using it properly, but I wouldn’t recommend this eyebrow gel because it is chunky and hard to blend out. I personally prefer the soft and fluffy look an eyeshadow can achieve.

How about you? What is your brow routine? Have you tried a similar product?

Sunny xx