FOTD: Happy Chinese New Year Gold and Purple with MAC Woodwinked and Satellite Dreams

Hello everybody! Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it! I invited some friends over for homemade dumplings, caramel apple cake, and tiramisu. I had a great time (and the food was apparently good)! Now that the guests are gone, I’m going to share the look I did for the occasion with you.

Since I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home, I could wear a dress that I normally can’t in this weather. It’s purple with yellow, fuchsia, teal, and tangerine leaves, and I thought I’d do a bold look to match it color-wise.

Products I used:
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 Light Beige
Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder
Bobbi Brown Sable on eyebrows
I primed my eyelids with UDPP (unless otherwise stated, I systematically use UDPP) before putting MAC Woodwinked on the inner half of my lids. For the outer half, I used Satellite Dreams. I used a bit of Urban Decay Purple Haze for my outer v. The lightest shade of NYX Rock and Roll was used for my inner corners, and Bobbi Brown Bone for my brow bones.
I applied Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black on my upper lash line.
Urban Decay Zero was used for my lower lash line, smudged out with Satellite Dreams.
Maybelline Magnum Volum’ Express Black (waterproof)
Tarte Peaceful on cheeks.
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (swatch and review coming soon)
MAC Sweetie on lips

Here are some closeup pictures so you can see my eye makeup better:

It is probably not a very work-friendly everyday look, but I like how it turned out! Satellite Dreams looks a bit pink when sheered out. The real color is closer to how it looks on my lower lash line. A recent post by Beautezine shares a quick tip of pulling pink-based eyeshadows off without looking like you have an eye infection: in short, go all out with your eyeliner! The black helps separate the whites of your eyes from the eyeshadows, so you don’t look like a bunny rabbit! I have seldom combined two non-neutral colors together, but this experiment has encouraged me to explore more 🙂

More pictures from different angles so you see everything better:

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading, everyone! Don’t forget to follow me with Bloglovin’ or Twitter if you like the look 🙂

Sunny xx

Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Urban Decay Purple Haze (NOT the matte one)

Hey hey, guess what, I have one last purple eyeshadow from my collection to show you!

This one is Urban Decay’s Purple Haze. Urban Decay used to have a matte eyeshadow by the same name, but I think it’s being phased out. Coincidentally, MAC also has a shade called Purple Haze. It gets pretty confusing eh?

Urban Decay calls it a deep lilac with dark undertone, but on me Purple Haze is a midtone purple with multi-color shimmer (I see pink and gold). It has a slightly “grayish” edge to it which makes it more toned-down and easier to work with. This is also a purple that is not likely to make you look bruised because I don’t see red in it! Also, I don’t think it leans particularly warm or cool, so it should work on a variety of skintones. The texture and pigmentation is very typical of Urban Decay, so I am not disappointed!

Just because I was taking a bunch swatch pictures, I swatched MAC Satellite Dreams next to Purple Haze just for fun. As you can see, they look rather different in pan. However, on the back of my hand they are pretty similar!

I would say that Satellite Dreams is more violet and vibrant, while Purple Haze has more shimmery particles but is more muted/grayish. I wouldn’t call them dupes, but I am amazed by the similarities (please refer to my post of When They Call it a Dupe to see what I think about dupes)! I’m sure these two shades will look very different on a different skintone too!

Have you had enough of my purple mania, or do you want more? I am basically done with my stash of eyeshadows at this point, so most stuff you will be seeing from this point on is newly hauled 🙂

Stay warm and stick around!

Swatch & Review: MAC Satellite Dreams (Veluxe Pearl)

Hello my lovelies!

How is everybody doing on Monday? Are you getting into the holiday mood yet?

I’m sorry for ignoring my blog a little in the second half of last week. I had several bad allergy days. My entire sinus was blocked, and my skin was rather sensitive too. That’s why I went easy on makeup and blogging in general. I did manage to haul some stuff in the meantime however, so you can expect more swatches to come!

Today I’m bringing you the swatch and review of MAC Satellite Dreams. It has a veluxe pearl finish (put your hand in the air if you love veluxe pearl eyeshadows!). MAC describes it as a plum with violet pearl, but on me it’s a shimmery mid-tone violet-y purple. I wouldn’t say it leans too warm or too cool, so it should work on a variety of skintones. The texture and pigmentation of this shade do not disappoint. In other words, it has met the expectations of the veluxe pearl family.

In spite of its vibrancy, this shade is not very hard to use. Besides lining your lower lash line with it for a pop of color, it plays well with pinks, golds, browns, and some other purples. You can definitely do a pretty smokey eye with it too!

So what do you think? Would you give this babe a try next time you visit a MAC counter? How do you usually wear it if you own it already? Keep me posted and I’ll see you around!