Swatch & Review: MAC Vera Sunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder & Butterfly Dream Plushglass

Hey everybody, I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

As I promised yesterday, I’m here to show you two pieces of the MAC Vera collection, namely Sunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder and Butterfly Dream Plushglass.

Up until I was holding Sunday Afternoon in my hand, I had no idea how much bigger Pearlmatte Face Powder is compared with regular MAC blushes (12 versus 6 grams). It contains 3 colors: a semi-matte blue-based pink, a raspberry with a sheen, and a shimmery (slightly frosty) whitish pink. Together, the shades make a cooler-tone shimmery pink.

As you can see, the first color barely shows up on me, and that’s after a lot of scratching and building up. I didn’t get the raspberry-colored ladybug part though. In that case the raspberry makes it pigmented and show up much better. The Raspberry is my favorite part of this powder. As you can see in the swatch, a little silver got mixed in it (it’s a thin stripe, so even when I was very careful some got mixed in). The silver is apparently only a thin layer of overspray though, so it won’t be there to stay. The shimmery pink is the most pigmented shade of the three. I do enjoy the texture of this powder, because it is finely-milled and not powdery at all. What I don’t really like, is the fact that it’s a tad too shimmery for my taste. It’s not glittery, because the shimmer in the whitish pink shade is fine enough. However, it is not what I would call a subtle glow either.

This is how it looks on me. I would suggest you be careful with the third shade if you don’t want it to turn out too shimmery. I think it is also possible to use the first two colors as a blush and the third one as a highlighter.

Butterfly Dream Plushglass looks shockingly purple in tube, but don’t be intimidated! It’s actually a sheer pinkish lilac with blue and silver shimmer, like what you can see in the swatch picture.

Worn alone, it doesn’t change my lip color much, but the pretty shimmer is there:

Paired with MAC Sweetie however, it amps the lipstick up very well!

Plushglass is supposed to tingle and plump your lips up. Worn alone, it does tingle quite a bit for about 10 minutes. It is ever-so-slightly uncomfortable, but after 10 minutes the tingling stops. Worn on top of a lipstick, it almost doesn’t tingle. It just feels minty and cool. I don’t find it particularly plumping however, or at least not more plumping than a regular lipgloss would make my lips look. The smell is more or less in line with the vanilla of MAC lipsticks, but it has a mint twist as well. It lasts well for at least two hours on me. For a non-sticky gloss, I wouldn’t expect it to wear too much longer.

Bottom line: If you like shimmer in your blush, or think you can wear the non-shimmery part as blush and the shimmery part for highlight, Sunday Afternoon might be your thing. I would also take a chance to say if you are lighter than I am (I’m NC30) and have cool-toned skin, this would work even better for you. The texture of this one excels, and for a 12-gram blush, it is a very good deal! If you want a non-sticky gloss that gives a little oomph to your lipstick, then definitely look into Plushglasses. I personally really enjoy wearing Butterfly Dream over Sweetie, and I think I’ll have a lot of fun with these two in the near future (do expect an FOTD or two)!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: MAC Vera is now available in MAC stores in Belgium. The Pearlmatte Face Powder retails for 24 euros, and Plushglass 21.

Disclaimer: these products were provided by the PR. All opinions are honest and my own.