Skincare Review: KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask Brings Back Memories of Careless Summer Days

You know, it’s one of those days on which you didn’t go to bed late, but you were so obsessed with the book you’re reading that by the time you went to sleep, it was already way into the wee hours. One of those days that by 6:30, your cats deemed you had had enough sleep, and they started meowing out of hunger/boredom. One of those days that you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and think you suddenly look 5 years older.

Now what do you do? I know what I will do. I will reach out for my pot of KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask.

Growing up in Taiwan, some of my best summer memories involve lotus. The botanical garden in Taipei has a big lotus pond, and it is an amazing sight when the flower is in bloom.

Not only is lotus beautiful, it is also extremely useful. The roots and seeds are edible (I love the roots because they’re crunchy), and the leaves can be used for many different purposes. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the KenzoKi Belle de Jour line (literally means beauty of the day), as it is inspired by white lotus.

Now, according to Kenzo, white lotus is not your average lotus (which, now come to think of it, I have almost never seen in person). Kenzo cultivates white lotus in the southern Chinese province of Zhejiang (it is a bit further south than Shanghai). The mask is supposed to have three effects, including the pleasure effect (according to Kenzo, pleasure is a source of beauty), the bubble effect (it protects the skin from the harm of stress and tension), and the wake up call effect (it stimulates cellular regeneration and illuminates the face). A wake up call? Sure sounds good to me!

The Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask comes with a brush, which I think is a genius idea. It is not only more hygienic, it also prevents the mask from being heated up with fingertips. It is always a pleasant experience slathering it on my face (though slathering it on is more of a figure of speech. A thin layer will do, as the little instruction booklet says).

This is how the mask looks straight out of the pot and smoothed out on the back of my hand:

When Kenzo says there is a pleasure effect, they mean it! The smell of this mask is flowery, calming, and beautiful. The texture is not very oily or heavy either. I actually think it’s as bouncy as a mousse! After I put it on, I have 10 minutes to stumble around the house, put my mocha pot on the stove and so on. It is supposed to be removed with a moist cotton pad. I personally like to soak a cotton pad in my toner for the job. After I wipe it off, I can see my skin is plump, smooth, and radiant. It doesn’t claim to have an anti-aging effect, but it certainly takes the 5 years sleep deprivation adds to my skin away!

The only drawback of this product is the price. A 50ml pot retails for 115.70 euros here. *gulps* I understand this is not the price range that most people can impulsively splurge on. However, just as I cannot recommend something sub-par just because it is cheap, I cannot NOT recommend something good because the price tag is big. I can tell you that jar will likely last you a long time if you use it a couple of times a week, and I will leave the purchase decision to you!

Have you tried anything from Kenzoki? Have you heard about it at all? What’s your favorite hydrating mask?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: 50ml of KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask retails for 115.70 euros exclusively at ICI PARIS XL. Here is the ingredient list if you would like to see it:

EDIT: The price on the ICI PARIS XL shop is actually 84.29 euros, which is significantly lower than what is listed on the PR info I received. Now let’s rejoice!

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

My Secret Beauty Treat: Yogurt Mask with Turmeric and Honey

Thanks to my mother, I have pretty OK skin. Except for the fact that I’ve been plagued by blackheads since the age of 12 (I’ll talk about how I keep them under control in another post), my skin has always been said to be even, smooth, and fine. When I do get spots, however, they are usually caused by hormones, which means there is NOTHING I can do about them. I can’t avoid them by not eating certain food, drinking more water, or going to bed earlier. They are usually red, painful, and HUGE.

That is why when I heard turmeric powder could help with that, I was instantly intrigued. I’ve been using homemade yogurt mask for about a year now. I started doing it because I couldn’t find a commercially available mask that I like here in Belgium (also one that doesn’t break the bank), and after I tried it I REALLY loved it. In the beginning I used yogurt with honey and sometimes a little lemon juice. My skin is always smooth and brighter after that. It also does help getting the “that time of the month” zits out of my face.

Turmeric powder is something that is very commonly used in Indian and Thai cuisine. It is a rusty orange yellow color and has a distinctive smell. Not unpleasant or sharp, but distinct. It is said to have antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. Yogurt nourishes and deep-cleanses the skin. Honey is also nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.

So here is what I do. I usually do this before my morning shower, because I want to be able to rinse anything that might get into my hairline in the process. I dole out 1-2 heaped teaspoon of plain yogurt, put about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder into it, and topping it up with half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of honey. I mix it up, slather it on my face (any leftover goes to my neck), wander about for 10-15 minutes, and then pop into the shower. You can definitely finish the rest of the yogurt with some jam in the meantime. I find it convenient how jam fits snugly into the hole that I just dug out for the mask. 10-15 minutes are good, but if you want to wait longer you can. Just make sure it doesn’t start drying out, particularly around your eyes.

The result is the best mask I’ve ever tried in my life! My skin always looks brighter, smoother, and cleaner after the treatment. I don’t know if it is purely psychological, but I always notice improvement in the lines on my neck after using this. They are less pronounced, and my neck also looks way smoother. Any zits you may have won’t immediately go away. However, throughout the day you’ll notice them going down. I then apply my toner with a cotton pad. You might get some yellow pigment on the pad still, but I swear it is invisible on your face.

What I like more about this mask than my previous honey and lemon formula is that it is not as runny, so it won’t start dripping halfway through. Also, lemon juice might be irritating if your skin is sensitive. The turmeric powder in it also makes this mask perform a lot better. At least what it does to the lines on my neck and any zits I might have is amazing!

The possible cons of the treatment is that it doesn’t smell as pleasant as a commercially available mask. In fact, I always think I smell like Indian food when I use it. It’s not bad, but I can imagine it putting some people off. Also, the color is a bit scary. I have made sure my boyfriend can’t see me when I have this on. I know it’ll probably weird him out. Nevertheless, it is easy to clean up anything that might end up on your clothes (though I haven’t got it on a white shirt or something. Again, I recommend using this right before you take a shower. If you can stay in the bathroom naked for 15 minutes you won’t have to worry about this getting on your clothes) or the shower curtain. Just rinse.

All the ingredients are amazingly cheap that this treatment costs almost nothing. I got a whole bag of turmeric powder from an Asian shop for about 80 cents, and it will last me a long time if I only use it for this treatment. So give it a try and let me know what you think!