FOTD: Purple Smokey Eye + NEWS: Dior Hydra Life BB Cream is Coming to Belgium!

Hey everyone,

Today I’m sharing the look I did on Monday with you. This is a little bolder than what I would normally wear, but since I was on a beauty blogger mission to Givenchy, I thought it was the perfect excuse!

For my eyes, I started out by putting Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner in Rockstar as my base. Since I don’t own a synthetic smudger brush (or any smaller synthetic brush. I don’t think natural brushes will quite rise to the challenge here), I used my ring finger to blend out the edges. It would have been cleaner and more precise with a brush though. And then I blended Urban Decay Purple Haze all over my lids, going lighter the higher I went. I highlighted my inner corners and the inner third of my lids with MAC All That Glitters. I then proceeded to lining my eyes with a gel liner before smudging the line out with the third color from the left in my Clinique Plum Seduction quad (I’ve owned it for about 8 years now. I’m still madly in love with the colors, but the quality of this quad is no longer satisfactory after trying the better eyeshadows I have). Some mascara later I was done!

You can definitely make this more dramatic by using a black base, and/or blending some black eyeshadow into the outer corners. However, it was after all daytime, and I didn’t want to really scare the passers-by!

For my lips I had the most genius idea. Since I can’t really wear Incognito on its own, I layered it over Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle. That turned out to take the color down a notch and gave me nice nude-pink lips!

For the rest of my face, I used some Tarte Blissful and Bobbi Brown Bali Brown. Voila, it is not super tricky, and even though it’s not office-appropriate, I wouldn’t say it’s too shocking to wear this during daytime (or maybe it’s me).

Here are a couple more pictures so you can see it better (psst I saw the fluff in my hair only afterwards. Sorry about that!):

I was wearing my first Lavand dress (which is pretty significant since it started my Lavand addiction lol). The neckline doesn’t work with a necklace, so I wore a pair of earrings instead. I’ve owned them for a long time, but I still love them a lot!

In other news, Dior Hydra Life BB Cream is coming to Belgium! It will be available from April 18th. Here are the promotional images if you’re curious:

According to Dior, the Hydra Life BB Cream targets young women (aged 18-30. *gasps* In a couple of years I’ll fall out of this category lol) who want a one-step product that will give them a radiant glow and preserves the youth of their skin. I can’t really say more at the moment, because I still need to test it out, and base makeup takes longer than for example a mascara. I will definitely let you know what I think though!

That’s it for today, dear peeps! I am going to review the Erborian BB cream and Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara for you before the end of the week since these two are highly-requested. I have many photos that are taken and products I have finished testing, but I still need time to sit down, sift through the photos, and write the reviews out. There are also so much I’m still testing out, so please bear with me. I do also have a work deadline to meet by the end of the month!

Would you wear a colorful eye look like this at daytime? What are the BB Creams you have tried and liked/disliked? If I have very up-to-date PR information about something I will be testing out, would you want to see it or do you prefer to just wait till I’m ready to report my experience? Please let me know. Your opinions are more than important to me!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

News: Goodbye Google Friend Connect — Raising Awareness

Hey everyone!

This is a scheduled post. When you’re reading this, I’m probably on my way to Antwerp for some shopping and a press event. It is all very exciting, and I feel absolutely honored to be included. I will for sure show you some pictures and share all the information I gathered!

However, the less exciting side of things is really the topic of this post. As you may or may not know, Google removed Google Friend Connect from all non-Google blogs exactly a week ago. I have never had GFC, because as you know this blog is quite new, and when I investigated the possibility I found out that GFC was not available for regular WordPress blogs (it is for self-hosted ones). I didn’t really know there would be so much impact, but there clearly is. Charlotte from Lipglossiping (who launched this awareness day. The image above was taken from her post) has been losing 1,000 unique visitors per day. If such an established blogger has been having it bad, I can only imagine how much worse it must be for the others.

Bloggers form a community, and in this situation I feel the obligation to help raise awareness even if I am not personally affected by Google’s decision. If you’re reading this post, please think long and hard about what blogs you used to read and enjoy, but are suddenly not showing up on your Google Reader anymore. These bloggers are not taking a hiatus. It’s just that Google decided to leave them out. Think, find them again, and subscribed via another platform, be it Bloglovin’, Twitter, or Facebook. Check out the Twitter list for all the bloggers who have been taking a hit.

Let us reunite!

Sunny xx

News: Mostly Sunny Project New & Improved! Operation 1: Better Pictures

Hey everyone,

I have a confession to make: up until very very recently (say within a week or so), I didn’t know I can (and should) a) size my photos down for the blog b) choose to show them large or full size and c) tweak the colors of the pictures so that they are more color-accurate.

*runs into hiding lest she is pelted with stones*

I’m really not the most tech-savvy person you will ever know, and I don’t have a lot of previous experience in terms of handling pictures (or a blog). Since I have finally figured this much out however, I am embarking on the first operation of Mostly Sunny Project New & Improved!

What does this mean? You will be seeing better pictures around the site. I will start showing them in bigger sizes, I will crop/adjust them when I should. I will not Photoshop the hell of the pictures, I promise. For FOTDs for example, I will not conceal imperfections that are visible. However, I will adjust the colors (mostly color temperature, as the ambient lighting is generally very cool here unless I’m lucky enough to get a lot of sunlight) so that they would appear more true-to-life.

For example, this is the before & after of my last FOTD.

I will also crop photos properly, retake some product photos, and add lip swatches to all the lip products that I have not provided lip swatches for (I only figured out how to do it properly very recently too).

I thought about leaving the old posts there as they are, just so that they would serve as a marker of the progress I’ve made in these four months. However, lo’ and behold:

I must have been on crack to think it is a “product photo!” (Yes, you can laugh at me. It’s OK!)

This implies that I will have to spend a considerable amount of time working on correcting past posts, and new ones might come out a little slower. I apologize to long-time readers. I really appreciate having you guys around, and please understand this is temporary and all for the best! Just bear with me for a week while I fix things pretty please 😉

I am also planning on giving the blog a face-lift, designing a proper header, and starting a Facebook page. I started this blog a little more than 4 months ago, not knowing I’d meet so many lovely people who keep me going, and I am determined to provide you with the best I have!

Some exciting news: I’ll be getting ready to go to Vilvoorde when this post goes up for my first ever press event at ICI PARIS XL! I will have the chance to discover many new and exciting brands. I will definitely share what I found out with you guys soon!

Thanks so much for sticking around, peeps! I have gone back to some posts and worked on the pictures. Could you guys please take a look at a couple of them and let me know what you think?

Sunny xx

News! Bdellium Tools February’s La Beauté of the Month!!!

*Squeals squeals squeals*

Sorry for being so unprofessional, but guess what happened last night?

Yours truly has been selected as Bdellium Tools February’s La Beauté of the Month!!!

It’s such a huge honor, and I have to show you this badge they made for Mostly Sunny:

Here is the link to their blog post. It’s funny to see my pictures and quotes up there, and I’m trying not to giggle like a little girl/blush!

For the prize, I picked the brush on top of my wish list, namely the 760 Liner/Brow Brush. The amazing Bdellium team has already sent me an e-mail with the tracking number of the parcel. Can you believe how passionate this company is??? If you start seeing me sporting crispier liner, this must be the secret tip (though of course I will share what I think about it with you guys)!

I’d like to thank you guys for all the support you’ve been giving me. It is the driving force behind this blog, and I will go on working hard!

Sunny xx

Vote for Sunny!

Dear readers,

Bobbi Brown just launched the Pretty Powerful campaign in Belgium and I decided to participate in it. I would really appreciate it if you could take some time out and vote for me! The page is in Flemish, but thanks to my bestie HM, here is a simple graph you can follow. Your help would mean the world to me, and every vote counts!

Please click on this link to go to the page.

PS: I have no access to the Facebook account of those who vote for me, so there’s no need to worry about privacy issues 🙂

I will keep trying stuff out and producing quality swatches/reviews in order to thank you!

Sunny xx