Getting to Know Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

I’ve had the pleasure of attending some product launches, but a press event with a dress code? This is for sure the first! To celebrate Guerlain’s launch of La Petite Robe Noire, I slipped into one myself and felt ultra chic that day (I probably left a trace of sequin wherever I went but hey, I totally dig this dress)!

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Don’t Forget: Dior Summer Mix & Addict Hit the Shop Today!

Hey everyone!

Just a little reminder that the Dior Summer Mix and new Addict perfumes will be in store today! I have swatched/reviewed the Summer Mix Vernis here, Ultra-Glosses here, and Addict Eau Sensuelle here.

I am hitting ICI PARIS XL to check the new collections out as well as doing the bulk of my Friends & Family sale shopping. Thank all of you who have contributed your precious ideas! I will keep you posted about what I end up buying, and you will see the swatches and reviews here soon for sure!

A regular swatch/review post will be up this afternoon, so stay tuned!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Meet the New Member of the Dior Addict Line: Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle, Thy Name is Mauve

I have been a Miss Dior girl for several years now, but my first Dior perfume was actually Dior Addict 2 when I first came to Europe (that’s almost 4 years ago now *gulps*). I never explored too about perfumes in Taiwan, because the heat and humidity make most of them overwhelming. When I sniffed a friend’s Dior Addict 2 here however, I was so sure it was the one. It’s fresh, it’s young, it’s happy. By the time I was done with the bottle however, I had developed a “heavier” taste for perfumes and I moved on.

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Come Shopping with Me! Edition Brussels. Focus Store: Senteurs d’Ailleurs Part 2: Haute Parfumerie

Hey everyone!

After last Sunday’s post about the Haute Cosmétique part of Senteurs d’Ailleurs, today you are about to see the Haute Parfumerie part.

The first thing you notice in this shop is the fact that most of the shelves are black (except for the Jo Malone corner). I think it’s a good call, as you are supposed to discover it with your nose and not your eyes!

Jo Malone is right at the entrance. Since everybody has been talking about it in the blogosphere, I decided to discover the brand a little.

Look at the range of body butters and candles they have! My favorite has to be Red Roses. The cool thing about Jo Malone is you can layer fragrances on top of each other. Red Roses for example, is supposed to work well with French Lime Blossom and Wild Fig & Cassis. I adore it as it is though. Rose scent is an acquired taste for me. I used to think it’s for older women. Perhaps I am older now!

This is their Tasting Bar. Customers are supposed to find out more about perfume compositions here.

Dyptique offers an amazing range of scented candles. I am certainly intrigued!

Cire Trudon has been producing scented candles since 1643 (!!!). The candles look grand. You are supposed to lift the bell jars and sniff them to get an idea of how the candles smell.

One of the best sellers is Abd el Kader. It smells like Moroccan mint tea, fresh and intoxicating. Needless to say, I sniffed at the bell jar like a druggie!

Tom Ford has very interesting scents on offer. I was won over by Grey Vetiver, and Oud Wood is definitely the most complicated eau de parfum I have ever had the opportunity to sample. With that said however, the private blend collection (in square black bottles) is something you have to be sure that you will absolutely love before you purchase. Everything is exquisite and unique, but it also comes with one of the heftiest price tags you are likely to see.

Last but not least, some really interesting-looking bottles:

If the Haute Cosmétique part of Senteurs d’Ailleurs is a wonderland for me, the Haute Parfumerie part is an exciting adventure. There are so many brands and scents to explore, the experience is very overwhelming! Again, if you’re interested in finding out what brands they carry, you can check out their site here.

Are you interested in niche perfumes? What would be a more unique scent that you own? Do you have a signature scent?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Again, special thanks go to Stijn, Tom, and everybody who was so kind and helpful! ♥