Ever-So-Slightly Superior: NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Do you know the problem of being a beauty blogger? You always want to try new things despite the fact that you have pretty much found your holy grail. I have been a faithful UDPP girl ever since I got a mini bottle with the Naked Palette, so why get tempted by NARS Pro-Prime Smuge Proof Eyeshadow Base? Or more importantly for you guys, do I regret being tempted? Read on to find out!

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It’s Khaki, it’s Plum, it’s Taupe, it’s bareMinerals Urban Nature Prime Time Primer Shadow!

Things in life change fast! In a matter of months, I have gone from not thinking cream shadows could be that amazing to wanting to try them all! I remember reading about bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows when they first came out, but didn’t realize I could get them online here. When I did, I knew I had to grab Urban Nature!

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Swatch & Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)

That’s the picture of UDPP in all the shapes/sizes I’ve owned. I got the first mini bottle with the Naked palette, and I couldn’t believe I had put on any eye makeup without it! I didn’t really have problems with creasing (being monolidded and all), but my eyeshadows did tend to disappear at the end of the day, and they wouldn’t show up as vibrant as what they look in the pan. I know there are different primers out there, but I’ve stuck to UDPP because it has done whatever a primer should do for me, and I also heard that it works better on oilier lids than for example Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

The texture of the product is just right. Once sheered out, it’s absolutely invisible (maybe there is some kind of sheen, but even in pretty bright light it’s barely discernible) and it doesn’t dry my eyelids out. On the picture above you can see how it looks straight from the bottle and to its right, how it looks sheered out (which means you see nothing). I’m exhilarated about how true-to-pan eyeshadows show on my lids with UDPP, and they stay put after hours and hours of wear! I don’t remember having my eyeshadows/liners fading on me ever with UDPP underneath them.

The old packaging is a PITA to work with, because you can’t squeeze all of it out without depotting it. The good thing is you don’t need a ton of this each time, so even the mini bottle lasted me for quite some time. I purchased the regular genie bottle at the end of last year (but only started using it not so long ago), and I’m happy to report UD has upped its game with the new packaging that makes sense (plus the sticker says “10% more primer,” and I’m a sucker for this kind of claims)! I know the regular genie bottle will last me forever (particularly if I manage to depot it), but I HAD to get a back-up because UD is NOT available here in Belgium (don’t ask me about how many women I see on a daily basis that have fading/creasing eyeshadows. It’s pretty much ALL of them). As long as you wear any eye makeup at all, I daresay you need a primer. If your lids aren’t very dry, then UDPP is a good bet. Now that the only pitfall of the product (packaging) has been eliminated, feel free to go out and grab one! 19 dollars might seem pricey, but I can guarantee you’ll have a lot of vibrant, long-lasting shadow fun!

PS: I have noticed that from the oldest bottle (the mini) which I’ve owned for over a year and haven’t managed to depot, some little chunks are visible when I put it on the back of my hand. Maybe it’s because the product has dried up a little over time. Even then however, when I sheered everything out, it was still nice and smooth. Apparently it doesn’t really affect usage, just for your information 🙂