Comma Store Opening, OOTD, + Dior Summer Mix Sneak Peek!

Dear readers, please indulge me, for this is a pseudo fashion post! It probably won’t happen too often. While I do consider myself properly-dressed most of the time, I wear dresses/skirts 365 days a year. Besides telling you where to find nice dresses if my I-want-to-know-how-many-colors-I-can-get-away-with style interests you, I’m completely useless when it comes to “putting an outfit together.” However, since I was invited to the Comma store opening in Antwerp a while back, and I did manage to make the pieces I picked look halfway decent on me, I’ve decided to show you the store with something like an OOTD (outfit of the day)!

Also, stay tuned till the end for a sneak preview of the Dior Summer Mix collection!

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Sneak Preview: Givenchy Summer 2012 Collection (Probably the FIRST Batch of Swatches You’ll See!!!)

Hey everyone!

How are you doing? I hope you’re coping just fine with the beginning of a new working week. I had quite possibly the most exciting Monday ever in my life, because I was invited to the headquarters of Givenchy to see their new collections! Since I took way too many pictures (naturally), I am going to divide them into two parts. For this part, I will show you the sneak peek of their Summer 2012 Collection. For the next part, I will show you their Crosiere Collection (most of which is permanent) and the complimentary products that will work well with it.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Let me not prolong the wait by showing you the star of the show: the much-anticipated Ombre a Fleur de Peau Cream Eyeshadow in Pearly Rose and Pearly Nude!

Pearly Rose is a very mauve-y pink on me, and Pearly Nude is really just nude. In the pictures below you can see how they swatch and how they look once they are blended out.

To be very honest, I was a little skeptical when I saw the promotional image. Literally every brand nowadays, including drugstore ones offer similar products, so why would Givenchy bother? Once I started blending it on the back of my hand however, I realized the texture is exquisitely good. It is like a mousse that goes on airy light. I am not too sure about the glitter, and I will have to test it out to report if it has any fall-out, so you might have to give me a couple of days for that!

This collection comes with a magic kajal called Delicate Nude. It is supposed to be great for the waterline (to brighten the eyes up without looking very fake in comparison with a stark white liner), or even as a lip liner. Every Givenchy liner comes with a sharpener, and this is no exception!

Next we have the lip products. This collection comes with one Rouge Interdit (#56 Delicate Rose), one Rouge Interdit Shine (#26 Delicate Brown), and one Gloss Interdit (#03 Coral Frenzy).

The lipsticks feel light and smooth. I am not too sure about the glitter in Delicate Brown, so again, I will have to test it out to see if the glitter will travel around. The Gloss Interdit has the texture of a glaze. It is neither the most sheer nor the stickiest gloss I have tried.

In terms of nail polish, Givenchy has actually brought out a color that is uncommon enough for summer: a brown by the name of Delicate Brown. Below you can also see the beautiful hand of Anastasia, or should I call her Ms Givenchy?

They even brought out a brown mascara (Mascara Phenomenon Brown), if you want to keep the look very casual and understated (though admittedly it wouldn’t work for everyone):

Apparently the brush is easy to use once you figure out you are not supposed to zig-zag with it the way you use your regular mascaras. Instead, you are supposed to push your eyelashes up from the roots with it. Also, another piece of news is that Givenchy will be launching a revolutionary mascara in September. There is a media embargo on this one, so Anastasia couldn’t tell me more than this. However, at least we know we should keep our eyes peeled!

So this is the sneak peek of Givenchy Summer 2012 for you! What do you think? Is the anything that you’re interested in checking out? Again, I have received some pieces to try out, so if you want to know how they work, you should stay tuned (follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter would be the first step)!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Special thanks go to Anastasia who is all kinds of gorgeous, and tolerated while I took pictures and swatched all the products like a mad woman!