Bring Mediterranean to Your Nails with Dior Vernis Saint-Tropez!

Dior Vernis Saint-Tropez isn’t exactly new news. Back in July 2011, it was launched in extremely limited quantity to celebrate the Dior boutique opening. It sold out so fast that it broke numerous hearts. I’m sure when it was brought back with the Croisette Collection many could barely suppress a yelp of joy!

I liked the swatches I saw back at the time, but I never looked into it since from what I read it was sold out at lightening speed. Also, here is the thing: I know it is some kind of silly bias, but I had (and to a certain extent still have) the idea that turquoise, like most blues, would not work for my skin tone.

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Skincare Review: KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask Brings Back Memories of Careless Summer Days

You know, it’s one of those days on which you didn’t go to bed late, but you were so obsessed with the book you’re reading that by the time you went to sleep, it was already way into the wee hours. One of those days that by 6:30, your cats deemed you had had enough sleep, and they started meowing out of hunger/boredom. One of those days that you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and think you suddenly look 5 years older.

Now what do you do? I know what I will do. I will reach out for my pot of KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask.

Growing up in Taiwan, some of my best summer memories involve lotus. The botanical garden in Taipei has a big lotus pond, and it is an amazing sight when the flower is in bloom.

Not only is lotus beautiful, it is also extremely useful. The roots and seeds are edible (I love the roots because they’re crunchy), and the leaves can be used for many different purposes. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the KenzoKi Belle de Jour line (literally means beauty of the day), as it is inspired by white lotus.

Now, according to Kenzo, white lotus is not your average lotus (which, now come to think of it, I have almost never seen in person). Kenzo cultivates white lotus in the southern Chinese province of Zhejiang (it is a bit further south than Shanghai). The mask is supposed to have three effects, including the pleasure effect (according to Kenzo, pleasure is a source of beauty), the bubble effect (it protects the skin from the harm of stress and tension), and the wake up call effect (it stimulates cellular regeneration and illuminates the face). A wake up call? Sure sounds good to me!

The Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask comes with a brush, which I think is a genius idea. It is not only more hygienic, it also prevents the mask from being heated up with fingertips. It is always a pleasant experience slathering it on my face (though slathering it on is more of a figure of speech. A thin layer will do, as the little instruction booklet says).

This is how the mask looks straight out of the pot and smoothed out on the back of my hand:

When Kenzo says there is a pleasure effect, they mean it! The smell of this mask is flowery, calming, and beautiful. The texture is not very oily or heavy either. I actually think it’s as bouncy as a mousse! After I put it on, I have 10 minutes to stumble around the house, put my mocha pot on the stove and so on. It is supposed to be removed with a moist cotton pad. I personally like to soak a cotton pad in my toner for the job. After I wipe it off, I can see my skin is plump, smooth, and radiant. It doesn’t claim to have an anti-aging effect, but it certainly takes the 5 years sleep deprivation adds to my skin away!

The only drawback of this product is the price. A 50ml pot retails for 115.70 euros here. *gulps* I understand this is not the price range that most people can impulsively splurge on. However, just as I cannot recommend something sub-par just because it is cheap, I cannot NOT recommend something good because the price tag is big. I can tell you that jar will likely last you a long time if you use it a couple of times a week, and I will leave the purchase decision to you!

Have you tried anything from Kenzoki? Have you heard about it at all? What’s your favorite hydrating mask?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: 50ml of KenzoKi Belle de Jour White Lotus Mask retails for 115.70 euros exclusively at ICI PARIS XL. Here is the ingredient list if you would like to see it:

EDIT: The price on the ICI PARIS XL shop is actually 84.29 euros, which is significantly lower than what is listed on the PR info I received. Now let’s rejoice!

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

Review: Fekkai Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream Has Won itself a Trip to Côte d’Azur with Me!

Hello March, spring is finally in the air! Even with the usually gloomy weather in Belgium, we have enjoyed several amazingly warm and sunny days. Besides grasping the moment, I have also found myself dreaming about the trip to Côte d’Azur that is being planned for summer. The sun, the swimming pool, and the beach… just what someone who has not seen too much daylight for months needs, but highly possibly the worst nightmare for my manes…

To be honest, I never treat my hair any differently in summer. I don’t go to the swimming pool regularly, and it has been YEARS since I last went on beach holiday. This year however, things are going to be a little different. Not only will I get to spend some time on the French Riviera, it will also be the first time I ever go on holiday with chemically-treated hair that cannot be fixed by my beloved hairdresser at the drop of a hat. In other words, if I mess with my hair, it will probably have to stay damaged for a long time, and this is not something I’m looking forward to. If you are also planning a beach holiday that is safe for your hair however, fear not, because I have found just the thing to tackle this problem!

Frederic Fekkai, also known as F Fekkai or just Fekkai, is a professional salon hair care brand. The brain behind the brand, Mr. Fekkai, is a French celebrity hair stylist. One of his relatively new products, Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream, will find its way onto the Belgian market soon, just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

Since the instructions say that it should be applied to damp hair before styling, I use this to replace my regular leave-in conditioner. I then proceed to put some mousse in my hair and then blow dry with a diffuser as usual. The minute I am done, I notice the first differences: my hair is much curlier, and the ends feel a lot more moisturized. It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all, and my hair doesn’t feel crunchy or stiff. Over the next days, my hair stays curly even if I don’t mousse it up again, which is amazing considering I got this perm almost 8 months ago. With my regular hair routine, nowadays I have to wet the ends and put mousse every day for my hair to stay as curly. With Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream however, my hair keeps the curls till I had to shampoo it next. Of course the curls becomes looser with time, but still! It’s impressive!

Besides the fact that it helps style my hair, the ends of my hair do also feel a lot more moisturized with this cream. Normally my hair is decently moisturized after shampooing and conditioning, but over the days it becomes dry and frizzy. With this cream, even the very tips stay hydrated till I shampoo again. In other words, there is significant improvement!

Texture-wise it is like most cream you would see, but it is not heavy or “oily” at all. Oh, and did I mention the smell? It smells like coconut! Deeelicious! It is not overpowering, but it does stay in my hair for maybe half a day. Since I am a big fan of coconut, I am surely not going to complain! Like all professional hair care products, a little goes a long way, so I estimate the 5oz (142 grams) tube will last all summer and then some!

All in all, the Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream has swept me off my feet! I don’t think it’s just for summer, because it is the best leave-in conditioner I have ever tried and I will use it all-year-round. However, my hairdresser has taught me a trick that I think Smooth Sailing will be the perfect candidate for. Before going in water, besides rinsing your hair, rub some leave-in conditioner in. That way, the sea/pool water will rob as little moisture of your hair as possible.

Hair-wise I’m all set for summer with Fekkai Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream, now can we please have some more of that nice weather?

Bottom line: If you have long hair, chemically-treated hair, dry ends, or hair that is heat-styled regularly, I highly recommend you check Fekkai Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream out!

Have you heard about/tried anything from Fekkai? Do you have any recommendations? How do you prepare your hair for summer, or the swimming pool in general?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: Fekkai Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream will be exclusively available at ICI PARIS XL in May (mark your calendar so that you can keep an eye out for this babe). The recommended retail price is 23 euros, though with a membership card you will get a discount.

Disclosure policy: The product(s) mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.