Today’s Post is on Makeupandbeautyblog!

Like fitting yourself into a much smaller box, or when Karen from Makeupandbeautyblog asks you to write guest posts!

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from Karen. Not having read the title properly, I assumed it was my friend Karin (ignoring for a second that her name is spelled with an i, not e). The e-mail began normal. She’s planning a short vacation towards the end of April. Sounds good to me. She’s going to Kauai. That’s not an obvious holiday destination for someone who lives in Belgium, but sure why not? And she’s looking for a few talented bloggers to help her take a little time off. Wait WHAT? Who IS the sender of the e-mail? I finally went back to the title and freaked out a little. It’s KAREN, Karen from Makeupandbeautyblog!

Karen kindly gave me some blogging advice (which I have been trying to follow, including introducing more light to where I take photos and more photos per post), and told he she was looking very specifically for how-tos and tutorials, which I have almost never done on Mostly Sunny. I thought and thought and thought… what do I know a tiny little bit about? What part of my experience can I share with others in a more organized way? After many e-mail exchanges, we narrowed the ideas down, and I proudly present you my first guest post on MBB!

Writing this post took almost a whole day. I began by writing the “tips” down, digging things I wanted to show out, and taking first product photos and then demonstration photos. After that, it was the usual process of sifting through photos, labeling them properly, and adjusting mostly brightness. Please bear in mind that I didn’t have my new camera at that point, so it was just my small point-and-shoot. Nevertheless, I am proud of how it turned out!

With no further ado, here is the link to the guest post if you don’t already follow Karen (though I wouldn’t know in what universe is that even possible). Feel free to leave comments here or there to let me know how you like it. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

In life, we must learn from Tango the wise kitty:

(Yup, the poor box in which my flash arrived was flattened in about an hour)

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Quick & Dirty Swatches of L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in 15 Flashback Silver, 28 Enigmatic Purple, 29 Smoky Green, 30 Ultimate Black + A Random Spring Day

Hey everyone!

How was your day? Are you suffering from the gloomy Monday syndrome or are you coping just fine?

I had a great day today, mostly because I got up early and got a lot of things done. I took many pictures that I need for future posts (some won’t come up till much later since they need to be tested still). There was so much sunlight that I seemed to have drawn some inspiration, and I hope you’ll like the new photos!

I haven’t had time to swatch all the Dior Vernis yet, so today I’m doing a little filler post. I went to the drugstore and saw 4 new L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows, and I did some quick and dirty swatches for you!

These are 15 Flashback Silver (I don’t believe this is new. It’s just that we didn’t get it till now. It is renamed as 222 Infinity Sky in the US), 28 Enigmatic Purple, 29 Smoky Green, and 30 Ultimate Black. I believe the latter three are relatively new, since I can’t find an awful lot of information about them online. My first impression is that these matte ones aren’t AS pigmented or smooth compared to their shimmery counterparts. They’re still very good, but not exactly to the same extent. I had no problem building them up and smoothing the slight chalkiness out though, so maybe it won’t be a big problem when applied on the lids.

Also, since it’s a filler post, I decided to share some random pictures I took today with you.

Behold Muffin and Tango tangled up in a headlock. I think they might have been fighting for the patch of sun, but it could just be Muffin getting bored. I took the pink paper out of the Caudalie tote I got last week because they sometimes play with/sit on it.

This is Tango getting his tum tanned. He eventually flipped over so that he could tan his back lol

Since the weather was fantastic, Dr. D and I went on a walkie in the neighborhood. The cherry blossoms are blooming here! Spring really has come!

Voila, just a little something to keep you entertained until I get the time to swatch/review something properly (I’m aiming at tomorrow though, so it won’t be long). I hope your week is off to a great start!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: What do you guys think about this kind of posts? Would you like to see it from time to time or not at all? Of course I won’t do a filler post twice every week or something, but sometimes when I’m having a good day and I have some random bits and pieces of my life in photos, I would also love to share with you! Let me know in the comment section below whether occasionally you’d be entertained by a post in the same vein or not 🙂

FOTD: Glittery Darkhorse and (Accidental) Dramatic Liner with Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you get to know me a little better, you’ll know that I am always running late. Doesn’t matter where I have to be or when I have to be there, I am most probably running late.

The same thing happened when I was supposed to meet HM in Brussels yesterday. She was estimated to get there at 9, so I was supposed to be out of my door at around 8:20. However, it was almost 8 when I was out of the shower with my hair blown dry, so I knew I was going to be late… In that case, all the new things I planned to try on my face had to wait. Instead, I opted for a look I have done a couple of times before but one that I dearly love.

For the list of products I used and more photos, please keep reading!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 Light Beige
Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder
Bobbi Brown Sable on eyebrows
I primed my eyelids with UDPP (unless otherwise stated, I systematically use UDPP) before putting Sidecar from the Naked Palette on the inner half of my lids, and Darkhorse on the outer half. I used Virgin to highlight my inner corners, and Bobbi Brown Bone to highlight my brow bones.
For my lower lash line, I used Urban Decay Bourbon and Urban Decay Darkhorse to smudge it out a bit.
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black for my upper lash line
Maybelline Magnum Volum’ Express Black (waterproof)
Tarte Exposed on cheek
MAC Harmony to contour my cheekbones
Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil on lips

I know I am this close to pronouncing my everlasting love for Darkhorse, because I incorporate it in a ton of looks that I do. Nevertheless, I have to bring your attention to the fact that it looks particularly hot with Sidecar. There are a lot of different looks that I like on myself, but a combination like Sidecar and Darkhorse is nothing short of mind-blowing and I am not even capable of telling you why! Admittedly Sidecar is not a standout shade from the Naked Palette. Compared with a lot of other shades it is not as insanely pigmented (don’t get me wrong because it IS pigmented. It’s just that I need maybe an extra swipe or two with my MAC 239), and it is the only one that has glittery fallout. Naturally, in my state of haste I completely forgot to hold a tissue over my face while I was using this shade, so by the time I was done there was a bit of glitter everywhere (I found a grain of glitter under my nose, if you can believe it). It was mostly cleared up after foundation and setting powder, but you can still see a bit around my eyes in the close-up pictures. I would suggest you use a patting motion with a shading brush when it comes to this shadow, hold a tissue under your eyes during application, and do your foundation afterwards. I would more than love to find a dupe for Sidecar sans glitter, but before that can happen I am willing to live with it.

Here are some close-up photos so you can see my eye makeup properly:

I call my more dramatic liner an accident because it really was an accident. You know what they say about haste making waste, and in my frantic hurry I drew the liner a bit farther out than I intended to. To balance it out, I had to repeat the same mistake on my other eye. I thought my eyes looked a bit rounder this way, which I was not so used to. However, HM really loved it, and by the end of the day I was convinced it isn’t a bad way to line my eyes at all!

Because my eyes were sparkly enough, I opted for a matte blush Exposed, and I contoured my face with MAC Harmony instead of bronzing it up with Bali Brown. I didn’t use any lipstick/gloss all day, so when I finally got around to taking pictures I just slathered some lip balm on. The Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil is definitely not my favorite lip balm because it disappears from my lips so fast, but since I bought it in a discount pack at Walgreens I’ll finish it. It is very slightly tinted but I doubt very much it changes the color of my lips in a detectable way, so what you see in these pictures are pretty much my natural lip color.

One more picture so you can see how much thicker my eyeliner was. You can also see my cheekbones are more sculpted with MAC Harmony. By the way, Tarte Exposed was faded after 12 hours when these pictures were finally taken, but it was definitely still there!

Last but not least, the Beautybay goodies that are supposed to be my Christmas present from Dr. D finally arrived last night! After I opened the packaging, Tango and Muffin swiftly proceeded to proclaiming their territory on the packaging material. In the picture below, Tango is sitting on the plastic wrapper while Muffin occupies the box. Tango’s tail is a blur because he was annoyed with Dr. D, who was trying to direct their attention to the camera by making some noise.

I will for sure review what I got soon! I just have to wait for better natural light to take my swatch pictures… Stay tuned and stay around folks!

Until then, I hope everybody is alive and kicking!

Sunny xx

Introducing… Tango the Whiskered Companion Number 1


This is Tango, my whiskered companion. He turned 5 this August, and I found him when he was a day or two old.

A bit more than 5 years ago, I was at my then-boyfriend’s (OK, I’m being honest here. Usually I tell people it’s just a friend) place one Friday afternoon when we heard a kitty cry. The cry came from the roof, or rather the space between the roof and the ceiling outside of his studio which was an apartment divided into 5 studios. We thought it was briefly separated from its mother and decided not to do anything about it, so that the mother wouldn’t come back, smell human on the kitty, and abandon it. By that night my source of information confirmed the kitty had not been taken away. I was supposed to work all day the next day (tutoring English back at the time) so I didn’t think there was anything I could do, but magically everybody canceled for one reason or another. I called to ask if he could still hear the kitty cry. “Yeah, I heard it again earlier.”

I went there, found a ladder lying around (or borrowed it from his landlord who ran an eatery around the block. Can’t remember exactly), poked my head through the foam board ceiling tile, and saw nothing. In the meantime the kitty was still crying on and off. I bought a can and put some water there with it, hoping the kitty would be lured out by the smell, thinking it was maybe a month or so old and could at least walk around and eat. It was HOT, and I got pretty dirty, but still the kitty was playing hide and seek a couple of hours later.

In early afternoon, I decided to go to the landlord for help. He was not happy about feral cats climbing through the transom to have their babies there, but just for his own peace and quiet he agreed to help. He climbed up the ladder from outside the studio with a pair of barbecue tongs and a huge flashlight. After poking around for a minute or so, he retrieved something tiny with the tongs, put it on top of the flashlight, and passed it down to me.

It was a kitty all right, one that was screaming at the top of his lungs. Whether because he was annoyed to be woken from his snooze or happy that he was no longer alone, I really couldn’t say. But seriously, it looked like a mouse. Its eyes were closed, ears flopped down, and the umbilical cord still attached — that’s right, it was probably born the day before when we heard him meow, and the only thing that kept it alive for a day without its mother was the heat on the roof.

I took it in my palms to a vet nearby. The vet told me how to feed it (all the while being a bit skeptical about us making it), gave me a syringe box layered with some kitchen towels, and sent me to a pet shop for formula milk and bottle. I had ALWAYS wanted a cat, but my mother had never let me, so the first thing I said when I opened the door was:”look, I have a kitty here that needs to be bottle-fed, and if I don’t it will die. I’m going to bring him up and then give it away, but you have to let me do this!” A bit reluctantly maybe my mother didn’t put up too much of a fight. I thought it was the most beautiful little thing in the world, though looking back I can understand why my mother didn’t even want to lay her eyes on it at all during the first days — it had almost no hair, and without a mother who instinctively knew what to do, it wasn’t looking its best.

After that, it was a gruesome month of sleep deprivation. I found an online forum with people who are experienced in bringing up motherless kitties, and they made it look so easy because they knew what to do. Kitties need regular feeding, like every 3-4 hours. Some of them told me to fill him to the brim during daytime, so that I could get my 8 hours at night. No, oh no, Mister Superstar (by then he had been identified to be a male, though I had an icking suspicion just because he was really demanding lol) refused to eat every two hours when I was awake, and since that plan didn’t work out I had to wake up twice every night to give him milk. My vet told me to make more formula milk in one go so that I only had to reheat it throughout the day, just to save some time. But again, no, I tried this couple of times but he just wouldn’t eat when the milk was reheated. To be fair it might have been because the temperature wasn’t what he was used to, but still. I also had to make him pee after every meal and poo every day. When the pooing didn’t happen for more than one day my whole world started to crumble, because I thought I would lose him (this is apparently fairly normal for kitties on formula milk, but I just am the panicky type). I couldn’t sleep, and as a result couldn’t eat. I was waking with a start every 15 minutes, reaching out to his little cage next to my bed, just to make sure he was still breathing. I lost 4 kilos at the end of that month, and despite the fact that I’ve always had a bit of extra weight, some people started commenting on my “protruding cheekbones.” Believe me, it’s not a compliment where I come from.

But we made it. The vet told me mamma cats can’t count. They would produce 4 kitties and think they only have 3, and as a result leaving one behind when they moved. Or they would produce 4 and think they have 5, and searching forever for the non-existent 5th. That or they knew a certain kitty was born with a defect. Instead of wasting resources, they would only take the healthy ones with them. There was some construction work going on across the street at that time, and the workers told the landlord that a mamma cat came back meowing miserably for quite a while the following Monday. We assumed she remembered the one left behind and came back for it. Too late, lady. If he was still there he would have been dead.

In the beginning I didn’t want to give it a name, just to avoid too much attachment (remember my promise to my mum?). But while I was waiting to cross the street to go home and feed him one night, the word Tango popped into my head. I went home, said it to him, and he meowed. Probably because he was hungry, but I liked the way it sounds and pretended he meowed because he liked the name. So that was that. When he was about a month old I was using the computer one night with him on my lap. My mum walked past my room and asked:”how are you ever going to give him away if you are so attached?” I started to cry, and to my amazement she said:”fine, keep him, but you are responsible for all the problems.” Actually she turned out to be his diehard fan, even though she was pretending otherwise.

Tango was 2 when I came to Europe. Since I thought I was only going to be here for a year, I left him behind for my mother and brothers to look after. When I started having plans to stay for much longer, I decided to take him. It’s another long story for another post, but fast forward to 2 years after he arrived at Charles de Gaule, he is now happily napping on my lap as I write this post, enjoying the blanket and autumn sunshine. For at least another 10 years to come, Tango. For at least another 10 years to come.