Have I Mentioned My Purple Obsession? Zoya Neeka & Anja Swatches

Hey everyone!

In the beginning of the year, Zoya was offering two nail polishes for free. I picked out these two and had them shipped to a friend’s house, but it was not until I saw her here very recently that I finally laid my hands on them! I really liked the Smoke & Mirrors collection they launched last autumn, so I got two more. They’re both in the purple color family. Does that still surprise anyone (because it really shouldn’t)?

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News: Want 2 Free Zoya Nail Polishes? Go Ahead, They’re Yours!

I originally saw this piece of news on Nouveau Cheap, but felt the impulse to share just in case you haven’t heard about it.

Until January 9th, Zoya is giving away 2 free nail polishes per order/account/household. All you have to do is put in the promotion code ZOYA2012 when you check out, and it automatically deducts 2 nail polishes from your order. The offer is limited to continental US only. You only have to pay 6.95 dollars for standard shipping. Also, according to the Zoya blog, if you spend an additional 25 dollars or more, you get free shipping too!

Has this piece of news awoken the polish hoarder in you? Go ahead and grab your freebies now!!! If you need some ideas, I love both my bottle of Jem and Yara. I should receive Yasmeen at some point, and I’m looking at Neeka and Valerie (because, as you know, one can never have enough purple nail polishes).

Swatch & Review: Zoya Jem

Zoya Jem is one of the 6 nail polishes from Zoya Mirrors Collection for Fall 2011. When I saw swatch pictures online, I knew I HAD to have this! I have a soft spot (read: obsession) for purple nail polishes, and this one looked too good to pass!

Jem is an intense, jewel-toned purple with pink, gold, and blue shimmer. As you can see in my picture, the color is so complex that it doesn’t look uniform in the bottle. Worry not however, as it applies smoothly and well! I remain a fan of OPI pro-wide brushes, but Zoya brushes beat China Glaze and Chanel ones hands down. It was neither time-consuming or nerve-wracking to do my manicure with this brush, and even the first coat was opaque, smooth, and brush stroke-free. To be on the safe side though, I still did two. The consistency was a bit on the thicker side, but it was nothing that’s difficult to work with.

Here come the swatch pictures! Please do excuse the mess on the cuticle though. I always do my nails the night before and clean up whatever gets on the cuticle when I am in the shower. On the morning of the New Year’s Eve however, I knew that by the time I started getting ready for the night there would be no natural light whatsoever left, so I had to jump the gun.

Isn’t this amazing? I hope you can see the crazy shimmer clearly. It is heavily red-based, so it works really well with my skin tone. However, I do think it’s easier to get away with a jewel-toned shimmery color compared to a muted creme, so it should work on a variety of skin tones/undertones.

What do you think about Jem? Are you intrigued? Do you also have a soft spot for purple? Do share!

Swatch & Review: Zoya Yara

Zoya Yara is one of the 6 nail polishes from Zoya Mirrors Collection for Fall 2011. I’ve heard a lot about Zoya nail polish, but I don’t have access to it in Taiwan or Belgium. Wait, that’s not true. I can order it from Amazon.fr, but one bottle would cost me 12.95 euros. Considering a bottle of Chanel nail polish is around 20, the price is REALLY steep. Luckily I got to swap for it on MUA (Makeupalley for those of you who don’t know this amazing site yet)!

As with eyeshadows, the “color colors” of nail polish I like to wear are green and purple. However, while I find it easy to find purple nail polish that flatters my skin tone (I can pull off both warm- and cool-toned purple), green is a bit trickier. The first one I own is China Glaze Jolly Holly. While I don’t dislike the color, I don’t find it amazing, either. It’s mainly something I would wear on Saint Patrick’s Day, or to make the boyfriend happy because he has a thing for green nail polish (I think he got this obsession from his favorite movie, The Big Lebowski. Otherwise why would a guy who has NO interest in makeup find green nail polish sexy? But anyways). When I saw the swatch pictures of Yara, however, I was impressed by the color AND I knew it will highly possibly work for me.
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