Swatch & Review: NARS Stick Concealer in Custard

A while ago I finally decided to find a proper concealer for acne, post-acne pigmentation spots, and basically anything I want to conceal except for my undereye area. I’d been using the Vichy Normaderm concealer stick for a long time. It does help acne heal, but it is definitely too pink on me. Also, I can only blend it with my fingers, which I don’t like to do on top of foundation because it disturbs the foundation too much. After a little research, I found out I actually have easy (and reasonably-priced) access to NARS at HQHair. Therefore, I settled on the NARS Stick Concealer.

NARS makes shade selection easy by giving pretty accurate descriptions. I chose Custard because it is supposed to be for “light to medium complexions, yellow tones.” As you will be able to see in the swatch, for me it is probably as close as anything this range has to offer.

The swatch is done on my inner arm. Next to the stripe there actually is one that is blended, but you can’t see it at all because it really matches my skin tone (NC30 warm undertone) pretty well. The undertone on my face is majorly yellow, but there is some pink. On my face the color difference is a little more apparent before it is blended out, but still it is a pretty good match.

The texture of this concealer is not dry, but it is definitely not something I would recommend for dark circles. NARS does tout this as something that can “camouflage darkness under the eyes,” but I personally prefer a creamier concealer for that. For pigmentation spots and so on it does a pretty good job, and it doesn’t break me out. I like to use it in combination with my Bdellium 934. Depending on the situation, I can either do a thin coat or several coats (like when a while ago I accidentally bruised my own nose bridge trying to get rid of a blackhead. Oops). It wouldn’t wipe EVERYTHING off, like the bruise or the print my glasses leave on my nose, but it does dramatically improve how they look. It doesn’t look powdery, and it hangs in there all day (I do set it along with my foundation with a finishing powder). I really love this aspect of this concealer. I never have to carry it with me because it doesn’t slide off/disappear. I have tried to wear it on bare skin, but it doesn’t work so well in that case because it could look a little powdery (it doesn’t adhere to bare skin so well either). Also, if my skin tone isn’t evened out by a foundation, my chin is slightly darker and cheeks pink, which is why the concealer doesn’t match so well anymore.

Bottom line: If you want a concealer for anything but your undereye area that is easy to blend and doesn’t disappear on you midday, NARS stick concealers are worth looking into! For minor imperfections it is effective, though I can’t say the same if you’re dealing with something trickier.

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    • Ah don’t make me feel bad lol. I have FINALLY received a NARS order I made in the beginning of February (the parcel was lost so they had to replace it), so you can read those reviews before you act! xx

  1. Ooh! Thanks for the review! You’re very detailed πŸ™‚ I’ve tried Custard in the Nars duo pan. I didn’t really like it because it was kind of dry but it could be that its in one of those pan things. I prefer stick and liquid concealers a lot more πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jen (I just followed you on Twitter too)! I wouldn’t use this for my undereye area, because I’m sure it’s too chalky/powdery/dry for that! I occasionally use Benefit Erase Paste for that purpose, but most of the time if I apply foundation I don’t feel the need for a concealer anymore!

  2. I used to use NARS concealer a long time ago! I couldn’t quite get an exact color match but I had the duo of Ginger/Custard and I found that mixing the two shades made for a pretty close color, at least for my summer skin shade. Gah, you make me want to rebuy this! Sort of.

    • Hey Mimi, these concealers are pretty new as far as I know, but I don’t think the shades have changed. Custard works for me now, but in summer I’ll have to search for something else!

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