Swatch & Review: MAC Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) Eyeshadow

That’s my MAC Palette, and Sumptuous Olive is the one on the first row, first column. Besides purple, green is the other of my favorite “color colors.” I call them “color colors” because one of my best friends, M, insists that neutral colors are not real colors 🙂

I read in some magazine a long time ago that green flatters East Asian complexion, but every green I’ve tried makes my skin look ashen, dull, and yellow… until I got sumptuous olive. It looks a lot greener and darker in the pan, but on my lids it really is a very nice gold and olive color. Goes superbly well with my skin tone as well as most stuff in my wardrobe, though I do have to alert cool-toned girls that this could wash you out. The texture and color payoff are also excellent, which is something I can’t say about every MAC shadow. I only own a small bunch, but from my experience playing around in the store, I have the impression that the texture/color payoff of some shadows are appallingly bad. It’s also an easy color to use so don’t be intimidated just because it’s more vibrant than the usual nudes. I have the Naked Palette (which I will swatch later, because there simply aren’t enough swatches of this palette out there haha), and I have to say the majority of the colors in there go beautifully with this one. It’s definitely an everyday color, but you can totally smoke it out for a night out. The most beautiful thing is that this can be worn with a black as well as a dark brown base.

This is definitely one of MAC’S most outstanding shadows. It’s basic with a twist, which makes it extremely versatile!

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