Swatch & Review: MAC Harmony

I’ve always envied the “skinny faces” of local Belgian girls. It seems to me that whatever their actual weight or body types, everybody has a tiny, skinny, and delicately-structured face. Like some Asians, if I gain one kilogram, at least half of it goes straight to my cheeks, which means there’s no hiding anything when I gain weight. And of course, when I lose weight, that’s about the last place you can expect to notice the difference. The fact that some skinny-faced Belgian girls are actually more voluptuous than I am makes me want to whine about the injustice of it all: at least when they put on weight, it is not instantly visible on their faces!

Well, again, I can choose to sit there and whine or DO something about it within my limits (some actually go as far as to having the bones in their cheeks and jaws scraped off, or having liposuction done on their cheeks. Though surgeries might work very well, it’s a bit too drastic for my personal taste). Some have suggested using a darker shade of bronzer to do that. Just because I didn’t own one single bronzer or a lot of face products in general till very recently, I went to the MAC store in Brussels for help.

The SA swatched a couple of products on me. When she put Harmony on the back of my hand, I wasn’t really convinced: it looked a bit grayish. The bronzer she swatched on the back of my hand looked warmer, and I thought that’d be a better bet. When she tried both products on my face though, I could see the bronzer turned pretty orange. Let’s just say it’s not the color/effect I was going after. Harmony, on the other hand, fared pretty well. The grayish tint I saw on the back of my hand transformed into a pretty “credible” shadow shade, and my face looked thinner. Since I was going to the US however, I didn’t purchase it right there and then (I’m really sorry, but all the MAC products here carry the same number followed by euro instead of US dollar on the price tag. If I had the choice I’d prefer getting it somewhere else).

When I finally walked past by the MAC store in the middle of the Time Square, I quickly sneaked in to make my purchase. Teamed up with their 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, it’s quickly becoming part of my makeup routine. On my NC30 skin, it is pigmented enough but not TOO pigmented. I don’t have to pile it on, but nor do I have to use a very light hand. The texture is pretty fine, and it can be blended out easily.

Here are the swatch pictures. On the left it’s how Harmony looks straight out of the pan, and on the right it’s Harmony sheered out a bit. Do note you can definitely blend it out even further on your face so that it looks more natural though. I used it to contour my cheekbones and jawline in my new FOTD. I’ll try to snap a picture of the two sides of my face with/without Harmony next time I do a FOTD. At least in my own eyes, my cheekbones are (even) more defined, my cheeks smaller, and my jawline softer.

All in all I’m pretty satisfied at the moment. It’s my first contouring product so I won’t claim it’s my HG. If I come across something better in the future, I will definitely do a comparison. For those of you who are looking for a product to do contouring though, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at Harmony!

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