FOTD: Fun with Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Duochrome Deliciousness!

Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party, and I seized the opportunity to test out the right column of the Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette!

I was inspired by, again, Jen from From Head to Toe’s tutorial. She used Wet n’ Wild Night Elf, which was limited edition. However, the two main shades she used are also in the Comfort Zone palette, so I had what it takes to be a copycat!

Here’s a list of the products I used:

KATE Gel Eyebrow in BR-3
Bobbi Brown Sable on eyebrows
Bobbi Brown Bone to hightlight browbones
Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone: the Definer shade on the right in my crease, the Browbone shade on the right on my lid, the Browbone shade on the left in my inner corners
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
Urban Decay 24/7 in Whiskey on my lower lash line, smudged out with the Definer shade on the right
Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
Vichy Normaderm Drying Concealing Anti-Imperfection Stick (just to cover some spots)
MAC Cremeblend Blush in Tea Petal on cheeks
MAC Harmony for contouring below my cheekbones and jawline
Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder lightly dusted over my face
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nougat (I realized I forgot to put this in my U.S. haul picture)

I didn’t have time to take photos before I left, so all the photos were taken when I got home, approximately 5 hours later. Besides having to pop some gloss back on (I had drinks and some finger food at the party) and blot my nose, everything else was still what it was. Here is a picture of my eye:

You can already see the duochrome at play, since on my lid it looks reddish but on my waterline it looks green!

To show you the duochrome a bit more clearly, I took two pictures of my eye closed from different angles.

On the first picture it looks more green, and on the second one it looks more red.

I’m actually really happy with the way it turned out! The duochrome shade is said to be a dupe of MAC Club. I’ve swatched Club on the back of my hand a couple of times in the MAC store, but every time I thought it pulled way too red and muddy on me. The Wet n’ Wild shade was already better when I swatched it, since I didn’t have the impression that it’s muddy. However, I was still a bit cautious about it turning out wrong or too dramatic. It was a pleasant surprise when the look worked out just fine! The duochrome is unbelievably cool! It’s the first duochrome eyeshadow I own and I’m a bit over the moon about it. A word of caution: I did have a bit of fallout with both shades I used on my lid. You can maybe see it in the close-up pictures. However, it was partially my fault since I didn’t have enough time to clean it up properly (since I don’t use foundation, I usually do that with scotch tape). It didn’t get progressively worse throughout the night though, and since the sparkling particles are fine, it’s definitely tolerable (it’s minor compared to Sidecar in the Naked Palette, for example. I adore the shade but the fallout sometimes drives me up the wall). Both shades also pack a generous amount of pigment, much to my satisfaction.

I was trying to filly my brows with my Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush and the KATE Gel Eyebrow (it’s actually eyebrow gel, but KATE calls it Gel Eyebrow), but it didn’t turn out too well. The issue I’ve always had with this eyebrow gel is that it could deposit way too much color in one stoke, and it’s very difficult to blend it out. Also, there is a little gap on my right eyebrow which the eyebrow gel doesn’t do as much a good job filling as Bobbi Brown Sable. At the end, I had to go through everything with Sable again anyway.

I’m still a total newbie on contouring, but Victoria’s guest post on Temptalia is extremely helpful! I have the same problem as she does, which means if we do a fishy face our contour ends up way too low! I learnt to imagine a line from the top of my ear to the outer corner from my mouth, and that turned out A LOT better than the fishy face trick! I still have a lot to learn, but the post is extremely informative and a great place to start!

So that’s an FOTD for you! Sorry for the bad lighting. It was nighttime, and it took me FOREVER to take pictures in my hallway and bathroom without weird shadow in the pictures.

Hope everybody’s had a nice weekend! xx

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