Come Shopping with Me! Edition Brussels. Focus Store: Senteurs d’Ailleurs Part 1: Haute Cosmétique

Hey everyone!

Happy Easter Sunday! Did you do anything to celebrate? I invited my family over for lunch. The cleaning and cooking was a lot of work (let’s safely assume I won’t roast another lamb shoulder till next Easter), but it was so nice to spend some time with them! I also received some chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny, so hopefully the supply will last me for a while!

Earlier this week I went to Senteurs d’Ailleurs (the literal translation would be scents elsewhere) in Brussels. The store is divided into two parts, the Haute Cosmétique and Haute Parfumerie. In part 1, I will give you a virtual tour of the Haute Cosmétique part. In a couple of days’ time, you will get to visit the Haute Parfumerie. Sounds good? Let’s go!

Kiehl’s is one of the fastest-rising skincare brand in Belgium! I just started testing out their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution to see if it could get rid of my pigmentation spots (I haven’t started regretting being too slack about sun protection, though I’m sure at some point I will). Of course I have taken a before picture, so that I can follow up and show you the after ones (fingers crossed it’ll work for me)!

Aesop is no stranger to me, but for the Belgians this Australian brand is a new kid on the block. I think I have mentioned that I use their animal cleanser for my brushes very often. I caved in and purchased their Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm that day, and within hours it grew on me! I will give you guys a detailed report soon, but it’s safe to say it has serious HG potential.

I really wanted to try Bumble and Bumble when I was at the Sephora last year, but I was a little afraid my luggage would be overweight. Fear not, however, as the brand is actually available here! Does anyone have any recommendations? I wonder if the Deep Treatment would work well for my long and chemically-treated hair.

Laura Mercier! The makeup artist gave me a little touch-up and recommended some products that will work for my skin tone/type. I will have to look into them soon!

For the life of me I can’t remember why I didn’t try on some Tom Ford lipsticks! I must have been SO distracted with everything that was going on around me! I will have to go back and do that soon!

Some La Mer, anyone? I really liked the tropical aquarium, though I didn’t manage to get one single picture in which the fish isn’t moving so fast that it’s blurry!

Dermalogica is another brand that I have heard so much about but never tried. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Molton Brown has an amazing line-up of bath products, lotions, and so on. I was urged to try some hand wash and lotion, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to pick one out!

Finally, I just had to take a photo of this bar of soap because it’s my cat’s namesake!

Are you familiar with any of these brands? Do you have any recommendations? Have you been to a shop like this? Back in Taiwan I might be able to find these brands in a department store, but the display wouldn’t be half as nice, and it certainly wouldn’t be so spacious!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: Senteurs d’Ailleurs is located at Place Stéphanie 1A, 1050 Brussels. Their website is under construction at the moment, but if you’re interested in finding out what other brands they carry, you can always take a look here.

Special thanks go to Stijn, Tom, and everybody who was so kind and helpful! ♥

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  1. I love shops like that! I haven’t tried on a Tom ford lipstick, though I’ve swatched a few. Thats definitely on my list of products/brands to try. Did you try the la mer lip balm while you were there? I think those fish tank displays are quite nice! (one of my local nordstrom stores has one!) I tried a small sample of a Molton brown body wash once & liked it! I am a complete fail when it comes to hair (thank goodness for amazing hair stylists who can make amazing cuts!) but a few coworkers love bumble & bumble. Also I’ve heard good things about dermalogica’s exfoliator. 🙂 yay shopping!

    • Hey Joyce! I did take a look, though again I was so distracted I forgot to try it on *facepalm*

      The fish tank is huge, but the fish was hyperactive so every picture turned out blurry! I’ve got to try some Bumble and Bumble soon. I did get a small sample packet of the Dermalogica exfoliator, so I’ll find out soon whether it works for me 🙂 I did have some kind of self-restraint though. I only bought a hand cream!

  2. Ooh Tom Ford! I have been wanting to try a TF lipstick like forever. We have mostly “Beauty Halls” at the big departmental stores that sell most of the high end beauty products. We do have stores that sell beauty products but not as nice. I agree the Senteurs d’Ailleurs is a super nice place to shop.

    • Hey Jacqueline! We have a lot of department stores back home, and some look very upscale as well. It’s just that they aren’t as spacious! I also like the super helpful staff that know everything about all the products. That way I don’t feel they’re trying to sell this one brand to me 🙂

    • Thanks Amy, I heard about that! I actually got a little sample packet that I still have to try. I’ll see how it works for me soon 🙂

      (and yes, I did spend hours there lol)

    • LOL gosh, the lamb! I saw the link to the recipe on Twitter right before I headed out for grocery-shopping yesterday, and I thought, why not? Ended up with 2.3 kilo of lamb shoulder (for 7 people). The pieces were SO big that putting them in my pan and in the stove was the major challenge! It turned out super delicious, though I totally forgot to take any pictures! You can just imagine how yum it was :p

  3. Everything looked so pretty ❤ I've tried the Kiehls dark spot correcting serum (I think its the same one you said youre trying) and it actually worked for me. It took about 2-3 weeks for me to see results. The difference wasn't significant but it did make my dark spots lighter. Hope it works for you!

  4. Oh my goodness Sunny I was drooling over this store! How jealous I am that you shopped there. The soap you depicted in the last picture is adorable!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hi Sunny! When I colored my hair a lighter blond last summer a similar shop in Ghent ( told me to use the Bumble & Bumble Gentle but I didn’t liked it at all 😦 My hair felt so stripped! Luckily with a good conditioner it felt fine at the end of my washing routine but that Bumble & Bumble isn’t coming near my hair again! Maybe one day I’ll give another one a try because after all the good reviews it’s like impossible to be a bad brand. But Kiehl’s I like a lot! Their conditioner works fine for me. It’s a leave-in if you want to (great for the holidays to protect it from the sun & water) So far I tested a lot of their products & I can recommend them 🙂 Try them Miss Beauty Culture Translator 😉

  6. You hooked me at the first line, come shopping with me! lol. I know if I’m every in Belgium, you would be the person i will call to give me a beauty tour. I dont think any of these brand are available here though.

  7. These are the kinds of photos I could just look at again and again! Love the visuals. I haven’t tried any of these products, look forward to your next shopping post for sure.

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  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone has tried Kiehl’s Vitamin C serum. It’s supposed to give you a radiant complexion, so now I’m curious ofcourse 🙂
    Have a lovely evening y’all!

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