Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Urban Decay Purple Haze (NOT the matte one)

Hey hey, guess what, I have one last purple eyeshadow from my collection to show you!

This one is Urban Decay’s Purple Haze. Urban Decay used to have a matte eyeshadow by the same name, but I think it’s being phased out. Coincidentally, MAC also has a shade called Purple Haze. It gets pretty confusing eh?

Urban Decay calls it a deep lilac with dark undertone, but on me Purple Haze is a midtone purple with multi-color shimmer (I see pink and gold). It has a slightly “grayish” edge to it which makes it more toned-down and easier to work with. This is also a purple that is not likely to make you look bruised because I don’t see red in it! Also, I don’t think it leans particularly warm or cool, so it should work on a variety of skintones. The texture and pigmentation is very typical of Urban Decay, so I am not disappointed!

Just because I was taking a bunch swatch pictures, I swatched MAC Satellite Dreams next to Purple Haze just for fun. As you can see, they look rather different in pan. However, on the back of my hand they are pretty similar!

I would say that Satellite Dreams is more violet and vibrant, while Purple Haze has more shimmery particles but is more muted/grayish. I wouldn’t call them dupes, but I am amazed by the similarities (please refer to my post of When They Call it a Dupe to see what I think about dupes)! I’m sure these two shades will look very different on a different skintone too!

Have you had enough of my purple mania, or do you want more? I am basically done with my stash of eyeshadows at this point, so most stuff you will be seeing from this point on is newly hauled šŸ™‚

Stay warm and stick around!

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