3 Things That Help You Snap Out Of the 4-O’Clock Energy Dip: MAC Girl About Town Lipglass, Cute Kitty Scarf, &… Oreo!

I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Some days at around 4 o’clock, I get a massive energy dip. I don’t even have to look at the time. I start yawning nonstop, my brain stops functioning, and ALL I want to do is crawl into bed.

The other day the energy dip hit me again. I was sitting in front of the computer, but instead of doing something constructive I was just yawning nonstop. Finally I decided to stand up and step out of the house for a little walk. I had to collect a parcel from the supermarket so why not?

That’s how I got the inspiration for three things that will help you snap out of the 4-o’clock energy dip, in case you ever fall victim!

1) Put on a bright lip color, like MAC Girl About Town lipglass.

This was the one thing that I wanted from the MAC Fashion Sets collection, but naturally it was not available in Europe (only in North/Latin America and the Middle East). Outraged, I complained on Twitter, only to have Miss Cheeky the great enabler to offer to get it for me.

I’m proud to report I am as obsessed with this shade as I thought it would be!

Girl about Town lipglass is a bright fuchsia with blue undertone. There is also a decent dose of silver shimmer present, though I’m glad to report that you can’t feel a thing when you press your lips together! The brightness and shine of the color makes it more wearable on different skin tones and undertones (I normally avoid things with a blue undertone, but I think this looks just fine on me).

The texture is very thick and sticky, but application is very easy and it doesn’t sink into lines. The doe foot applicator works really well. Because of how intensely pigmented and sticky this gloss is, I usually have just about enough product on the applicator (I might have to dip it back once but no more). It has the signature vanilla scent of MAC lip products, and it gives me a bit of sugar high just smelling it! This gloss also lasts longer than most of my lipsticks. It can troop through 5 hours with plenty of drinks and even some food! I also found that if you find it TOO bright when you first apply, you can blot it off with a tissue or just drink some water (note: you ARE going to have some bright fuchsia lipglass on the edge of that glass). That way, some of the color goes off and it actually looks very wearable.

You can see me sporting Girl about Town in the full-face pictures above and below, but just in case you need some good old swatches here they are:

See the pretty silver shimmer? With a base this tacky, I haven’t seen it traveling around my face at all! Also, after 5 hours, my lips don’t become dehydrated with it. They’re probably not more moisturized, but certainly not drier!

I found that putting on a shade like this dramatically brightens my mood. Plus if you put it on around 4, it will definitely see you through your work day, perhaps even through a drink or two later with the colleagues!

Bottom line: For the color, easy application, and lasting power (though you do have to sacrifice a little on the texture side, and if you don’t do tacky lipglosses then this is not for you), Girl about Town is definitely one of the best lipglosses I have seen recently!

2) Kitty scarf, or anything that makes you go “awwww.”

I know this sounds silly but hey, isn’t there a little girl in every woman? A while ago I saw this while reading Makeupandbeautyblog (note: this site is extremely dangerous. Not only does it make you want more makeup, it makes you want more… kitty items too). Of course a crazy cat lady like me can’t let it go. I headed straight to Etsy and purchased not one, but TWO of them (the other is for my bestie). This was in the parcel that I collected that day, and I’m head-over-heels for this whimsical and reasonably-priced piece. It puts a smile on my face and makes everything look better! Plus, it might be useful to slip something like this into your handbag in case the air conditioning gets a little too chilly for your liking. Also, it’s a great way to spice up an otherwise simple outfit. I’m a fan!

3) Occasional indulgence isn’t a crime, and I like my Oreo!

It might be weird for a beauty blogger to preach this kind of indulgence but hey, I’m only human! Sometimes when everything else fails, a little sweet treat could be your last resort. My latest addiction is Oreo, or to be more precise, white chocolate-covered Oreo…

For those of you who live in Belgium and have problems finding Oreo, it is sometimes not put next to other cookies. In the supermarket near my house, it is actually placed next to a lot of Weight Watcher stuff (I find it really ironic but anyways).

OK, so it’s not very healthy, and I don’t want to know how many calories there are in just one of these. However, I do believe that nothing is bad in moderation. As long as you don’t go over the top or give up on your healthy meals for them, some indulgence can’t be bad! I’m all for being happy, even if it means putting my little toe out of line from time to time!

Do you experience 4-o’clock energy slump? How do you snap out of it? Do you have your eyes on MAC Girl about Town lipglass? Are you also a fan of Oreo?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: If you want a kitty scarf, head over here. I don’t see the black one at the moment, and the pink one is forever and ever listed as reserved (though it didn’t occur me to ask since I’m not a big pink-wearer). You should definitely ask Kay the owner though. She’s a sweet lady!

44 responses

  1. I do from time to time. Chocolate, cookies,… everything sweet is unsafe 😀 Cola, Tao, Ice Tea or if really bad a BIG Zest Smoothie…

    • LOL I used to be able to eat SO MUCH sugar when I was a lot younger, but now if I overdo it I end up feeling sick. Can you believe I had like ONE waffle (Luikse wafel) last autumn/winter? I’ve had a couple of BAD sugar highs with those, so I’m very careful now!

    • Oooo iced coffee. It’s not a BIG thing here for some reason. SOME more “hip” cafes have them, but traditionally people just drink their regular black coffee here.

      • Oh my god at times I am addicted to iced coffee! I love the ones from Dunkin Donuts but also make them myself at home. Most recently, International Delight came out with this ready-made iced coffee and the Mocha flavor is awesome! It is so hard to find in stores, folks buy it up so quick.

      • LOL we do have some instant iced coffee available here, but I haven’t tried any yet! Maybe I should, but then again I don’t need to be hooked on yet another thing that’s super sweet and filled with caffeine!

  2. I bought the exact same scarf after seeing Karen MBB’s post about it… I also bought one of the tees she linked to as well. Her posts are dangerous for the bank balance! Love the pink gloss on you too 🙂

  3. This post popped up on my Bloglovin this morning, and I loved the post and how Girl About Town looked on you, so it went on my shopping list. I picked it up this afternoon and I love it! It is the perfect pick-me-up shade, and I love lipglosses for summer. Thanks! (the scarf is also on my shopping list. The cats are so adorable!)

    • Ooo that’s fast lol. I’m glad you enjoy Girl about Town, Selina! I’m sure I’ll wear that scarf often enough as well as using it for photographs haha

  4. Oh that scarf made my day!

    You’re adorable!

    I know when I get that feeling, the only thing i can think of is running home and taking a nap. Usually happens at work, so a nap is out of the question. 😦 Thats when I put on some good music to keep me dancing, and run to the Starbucks next to my job and grab a pack of Madeleines and some Passion Tea. 🙂 That will always do the trick ^_^

    • Thanks so much Thalia! You certainly have pretty good tricks too! I work from home, so theoretically I can make myself another coffee, but most of the time I prefer to limit my coffee to the one I drink in the morning. I only have a mocha pot, and it’s actually for two people. If I get another one in the afternoon I’ll be drinking coffee for 4! That can’t be too good!

  5. That Oreo looks delicious! I’m partial to them myself but I haven’t seen a white chocolate-covered one yet (now I shall be on the hunt for them!). And that lipglass looks beautiful on you. I’m not a fan of the tackiness of their lipglasses but I absolutely love Girl About Town and might just buy it or at least give it a try at the counter.

    • Oh Libby I just checked the packaging. I never really studied it (I only saw the drawing and I was sold haha), but actually this is apparently something that’s made in Spain! I don’t know if you can get it there in this case, but the last time I went to the US there were SO MANY different kinds of Oreo at the supermarket!

      I don’t like tackiness either, but at least in this case I’m exchanging it for the long-lastingness, so I think it’s a pretty sweet deal!

  6. Those don’t look like Oreos we have over here!! 🙂 anyways I have this problem around 3, but I’ve been eating good breakfasts and snacking well so it hasn’t been noticeable lately. When I don’t eat enough breakfast or snacks my slump lasts hours! My metabolism is crazy fast :/

    • Ooo guess what? I just checked the packaging and found out it’s made in Spain (the languages on the packaging are Spanish and Portuguese), so this might be some kind of local version of Oreo? Hmm. My problem is I can never eat too much in the morning. I drag my feet finishing even a yogurt, so maybe that’s why I get a slump. I should start developing my appetite for breakfast! Lucky you with your fast metabolism! That means you’ll just about never gain weight!

  7. This blog is doing you good…you always look som awesome on your pics!! But I think you should live in the US: oreo, MAC lipglos and kitty shawl…what the bleep are you doing in BE, my friend ?

  8. That is a super cute scarf! And the lipglass looks really fab on you. I definitely know what you mean about that energy slump halfway through the afternoon. Usually I’ll just down a cup of coffee but I’m trying to be better about all the caffeine…! Right now I’ll spritz my face with whatever beauty spray I have on hand and touch up my makeup; it makes me feel instantly better 😀

    • Haha just grab some Oreo! The scarf is around 15 USD I think, so definitely something to keep on your wish list next time you’re looking for a scarf!

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