I Love You, I Love You Not: Hourglass Visionaire Dune Eye Shadow Duo Swatch, Review, FOTDs

I get excited about makeup in general, but eyeshadows are my biggest weakness. I have always wanted to try something from Hourglass, and a while ago I settled on their Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Dune.

Hourglass duos come in interesting packaging. Not only does it open to a mirror, you can turn the mirror around 180 degrees. I don’t really think it serves a practical purpose, but it looks very nifty. The lid also snaps shut with magnet, which is a nice touch. In short, it looks great, but I do hope it would weigh a bit more. It looks luxurious, but when I hold it in my hand I could feel it’s plastic. At this price point (38 USD), I think there is room for improvement.

Once you open the compact up, you see the two shadows and an enclosed brush. The brush has changed from most pictures/reviews I’ve seen. Nowadays the brush is duo-ended, and it is considerably smaller than the older single-ended version.

I’m pretty sure the brush is made of natural bristle, because it is soft and not scratchy. At the same time, it is firm and dense. It is pretty fiddly to use such a tiny brush, but it is usable. I have done an entire look with this brush (the lighter shade all over my lids, and the darker one close to my lash line). Besides a tiny bit more fallout, I can’t be picky about it. This makes the duo something I would reach for when I have virtually no time!

The lighter shade of Dune is a shimmery beige champagne. It is very close to my skin tone, but at the same time it has a nice brightening effect on my eyes. The texture is a dream. It is very creamy, smooth, and pigmented. Definitely one of the best eyeshadows I have tried. The darker shade looks like a blackened olive with gold shimmer in the pan, but once swatched it looks more like a blackened brown with a green tinge. Compared with the lighter shade, it is not as creamy or buttery. Don’t get me wrong. The quality and performance are still excellent; it’s just that it pales in comparison with its neighbor. Also, I know that in general people are impressed with the blendability, but over UDPP I struggle a little with it. This seldom happens with any other eyeshadows I have tried, and without UDPP it does blend easily. I just thought I’d mention this for those of you who might combine the two.

To be honest, the first time I swatched Dune I was very disappointed with the darker shade. As you can see, it is not as pigmented nor smooth as what I expected it to be. To be fair though, I swatched the duo at the end of a long swatching session, and part of the reason why it looks so unimpressive is probably because my skin had got a bit drier than usual at that point.

Over a primer however, it’s a totally different story. Look at the intensity!

On the eyes, Dune is yet another story. To my amazement, the darker shade does look more like what it does in pan on the lids. It is a very blackened olive, but you can’t mistake it to be another color.

What I love about this duo is its versatility. I have worn it in 3 ways, and I’m sure I can find slight variations within the three.

You have seen the first way here:

I use the lighter shade for the inner two thirds of my lids, and the darker one on the outer third and into my crease. Here is a picture of me looking down so you can see how it works:

For the picture you see in the beginning, I did a heavy look with the darker shade all over my lids, and the lighter shade on my brow bones, inner corners, and the center of my lids. You can see another picture here:

I usually avoid highlighting my brow bones with a shimmery shade, but this look is quite dark, and the beige champagne is not metallic, so it’s fine. Just remember to use a fluffy brush and a light hand though, because this shade is extremely pigmented!

I don’t have any photos of the third look I did, but the other day, 5 minutes before I was supposed to zoom out of the door, I had the urge to put on some makeup. I didn’t even have the time to dig my primer out! I used the lighter shade all over my lids, and the darker shade as a liner. Normally I wouldn’t wear eyeshadows without a gel liner, but the darker shade actually offers enough intensity and definition to my eyes! I was pleased with the result. The whole look was done with the enclosed brush, and even without a primer the shadows went on smooth and pigmented. They also lasted several hours with no creasing! This is definitely THE duo I’ll grab when I only have 2 minutes to do my eye makeup.

Bottom line: Do you need this duo? At this price point I wouldn’t really say so (however, do note that each shadow weighs 3 grams while most eyeshadows are 1.2-1.5). Do I regret my purchase? No. For the versatility and ease of use, I can easily rate it as my favorite duo in my collection. It is not without its flaws (I wish the packaging would be heavier, the darker shade isn’t as creamy, and it doesn’t blend too well over UDPP), but the possibility of creating a simple look in a pinch as well as a dramatic one is what makes this duo so great!

Have you tried anything from Hourglass? Is Dune a duo you might want to try? What is your favorite duo?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  1. It frustrates me to get something expensive and not get great packaging. I kinda feel the same way about Chantacaille’s packaging. Tracey at Beauty Reflections just reviewed this and I think– if I remember correctly–that she had kind of a similar reaction to yours: Nice but not nice enough. Shame!

    • Yeah I just think there is some room for improvement. The eyeshadows in there are great though, and I’m not going to write if off just for the packaging. I seem to be the only blogger to ever complain about it too, so perhaps I’m just weird!

  2. I love the look of the packaging, but yeah, too bad it’s just plastic. The shades are totally my thing, but t looks dupeble in all honesty. I really need to come over soon!

    • The weird thing is I compared with all the eyeshadows I have and NONE of them is a dead-on dupe. Also quality-wise it’s impressive. It’s about the same price as 2 UD eyeshadows, only it weighs twice as much!

  3. The green shade is really pretty over a primer, but it does seem a bit lacking on its own. Ah, well, I always wear primer so those things aren’t a huge issue.

    P.S. You so pretty 😉

    • True. I do systematically wear a primer, also I think it really was because my skin was slightly drier when I swatched it for the first time. Honestly though I have to try it with a different primer, because the darker shade doesn’t budge over UDPP!

  4. aww I’m sorry that it wasn’t instant love for you like it was for me. But I really do like this one–even more than my Suede, if that’s possible. I like to use it as a liner too, smudged over my MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in 5L (a similar shimmery olive green–not as dark though) and it looks beautiful and stays put all day. Also, I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but when I want to ensure easy blending of the blackened-olive over a primer, I first apply a generous layer of a skin-toned shadow (I use Bobbi Brown’s Navajo) all over from lashline to brow bone. Then I pat the dark olive over that where I want it, then I use the a blending brush to blend it out. It works for me!

    • Hey Becca! I know this is instant love for a lot of people, and I do have a lot of love for it, but it’s not without some drawbacks!

      I should definitely try your trick! I think Urban Decay Naked is the shade I own that’s the closest to my skin tone, and it should work! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    • Thanks Shannon! Yeah I love the versatility of this duo, and you do get a lot for your money, but true it’s not something you’d buy on impulse! I just had it on my wish list for too long and at some point I took the plunge!

    • Thanks Linde! And I totally understand. I think I could find SIMILAR colors in my Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone, though they’re really not dead-on dupes 🙂

  5. Looks gorgeous! I love the shades on you and am now tempted to buy myself this duo as a post-exam reward! Oh dear, the temptations of reading beauty blogs, haha.

    • Thanks so much Libby! And don’t I know how dangerous it is to read beauty blogs lol

      Seriously though, if you are an eyeshadow person you’d appreciate it! There’s just SO much you can do with this duo alone!

      • I’m not experienced with eyeshadows at all but I’ve slowly been working on it! I would really love this duo just because it seems like something I could use for so long. There’s always a favorite palette of the moment or color or trend but these colors seem perfect for always!

        …I think you just talked me (and I talked myself) into buying this. Ah darn xD

      • Hey Libby, if you’re not SO much into eyeshadows dare I suggest you try Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone? That’s a palette I would totally recommend to anyone, but particularly also because there are two shades in there that are somewhat similar to these two. Let me know if you decide to get this or the duo 🙂

  6. Wow! That darker color is SO lovely, and the tiny brush is adorable, it’s almost cartoony. XD I like the 2nd look the best on you.

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